15 Tech Tips to Be a More Successful Young Leader

- Leadership

by James Dorian

When you think of the characteristics of a successful leader a few thoughts come to mind:

  • Communication skills
  • Discipline
  • An ability to inspire others
  • Creativity
  • Critical thinking
  • Growth mindset

Aren’t we forgetting something? Technology! Daily use of technology is one of the essential habits of successful leaders. They use it to communicate with their teams and delegate tasks, monitor the progress of their projects, and connect with the world.

So if you’re wondering how to be successful, that’s a good place to start. Here are tech tips for young leaders:

#1 Tech Tip for Young Leaders: Use Video Conferencing Tools to Communicate with Your Team

Skype, Viber, or a special video conferencing tool for your organization will make your job easier. Instead of scheduling appointments and meeting people in person, the leader can schedule a video call at a more convenient time. A video call is much better than the usual phone call, since it involves facial expressions and body language. 

#2 Tech Tip for Young Leaders: Get Involved in the Instagram Community

Instagram is a great platform for a young leader to start building authority. There’s no learning curve, just create your profile and you’ll easily be able to post to Instagram from a Mac. If you want to turn Instagram into a powerful branding tool, talk to someone from the marketing team to give you proper guidance.

#3 Tech Tip for Young Leaders: Benefit from Instagram Stories

You can share inspirational talks via Instagram Stories. This feature lets you articulate your thoughts and connect with a wider audience. That’s one of the most essential leadership skills.

#4 Tech Tip for Young Leaders: Invest in Powerful Tech Tools

Keeping pace with technology is among leadership skills, too! Invest in a state-of-the art desktop computer, tablet, smartphone, and a virtual assistant device.

#5 Tech Tip for Young Leaders: Use a Calendar App

Time management is one of the most essential habits of successful leaders. The secret is planning! Use a great calendar app to plan all tasks weeks or even months ahead.

#6 Tech Tip for Young Leaders: Connect!

LinkedIn gives you an opportunity to develop a diverse network of professional contacts. Connect with other leaders, industry experts, colleagues and talent you’d like to hire. The ability to use LinkedIn is one of the most important leadership skills to develop.

#7 Tech Tip for Young Leaders: Monitor Your Team

Are you using Asana or another team management tool? Each young leader needs one. This platform allows you to delegate tasks so you can connect the entire team.  

#8 Tech Tip for Young Leaders: Provide Technology and Offer Tech Tips for Your Team

Are you wondering how to be a successful leader? Then you should ask yourself: “How can I make my team happy?” Why don’t you treat them with cool smartphones or tablets? You’ll also share tech tips and be able to recommend the apps they should install.

#9 Tech Tip for Young Leaders: Use Productivity Apps

If you analyze the habits of successful leaders, you’ll realize they make the most of their time. They use to-do and note-taking apps all the time in order to maximize productivity.

#10 Tech Tip for Young Leaders: Breathe!

Leadership skills are not just about managing people, it’s about knowing how to stay calm in any situation. Breathing and meditation can greatly help with that. Try installing the breathing App.

#11 Tech Tip for Young Leaders: Stay Focused

We all use Instagram, Facebook, and other social media platforms but as a leader you can’t let them distract you. What does it take to be successful in that way? Pay attention to the screen time report you get for your iPhone. If you notice that social media is occupying too much of your time perhaps take steps towards limiting it.

#12 Tech Tip for Young Leaders: Protect Your Apps

When you use so many apps with sensitive information it’s important to keep your devices protected. Always keep the operational system updated, activate the “Find my iPhone” feature, and enable the passcode.

#13 Tech Tip for Young Leaders: Experiment with New Apps

Have you become so used to Evernote that you don’t care about other note-taking apps? What if something better comes up? Experiment with different apps from time to time to keep innovating and challenging yourself.

#14 Tech Tip for Young Leaders: Read!

A leader is a reader! You should stay updated with the latest news in your industry, so make sure to read articles as well as books daily. This is where technology comes in. A great e-reader will keep thousands of pages in compact form making it easier than lugging plenty of heavy books around.

#15 Tech Tip for Young Leaders: Take Time Off Tech

Personal connection is still important and when figuring out how to be successful, you know you can’t do it solely through technology. Take time off the apps and tools, so you can communicate face-to-face with the people in your company.

The use of proper technology can often be neglected so make sure that you don’t do that. As as a modern leader, who stays updated with the latest trends all the time, make sure you don’t fall into the tech trap.

Photo credit Marvin Meyer on Unsplash

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