5 Ways Technology Can Keep Your Employees Engaged

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by Martina Sanchez

Employee engagement is a hugely important challenge in the modern workplace. Studies have shown that engaged employees are more productive, meaning that understanding how to keep your staff engaged is a worthwhile investment. As the gig economy expands and more and more people seek control over their working lives, employers have to find ever more ingenious ways in keeping team members interested. As with so many processes in the digital age, businesses are increasingly turning to technology to provide integrated employee systems.

Below are a few ways that you can use technology to engage with your employees.


When an employee first starts at your company, you’ll find a fully automated digital induction is a timely and cost-effective way to deliver key messages about your business. You can craft coherent and comprehensive slides and quizzes to deliver key requisites. Depending on your industry, you can also create training programs to bring your new employee up to speed.

Collaborative Working

Many businesses now use apps or sharing facilities to send out minutes, but you need not stop there. Among the various apps available you’ll find virtual meeting assistants that can help you take meaningful notes and create agendas. You’ll find polling apps which will help you make decisions as a team, such as company outings or key dates.


For those who are just beginning a career in the company, the thought of constantly asking questions of more experienced employees can be quite daunting. Having a well-crafted resource section of your intranet is a great way to keep your team informed. Encourage your team to log in and update their details regularly on these resource sites, even contribute. You’ll find that as employees gain experience they may be able to offer insights and so your resource center can grow and evolve.


No longer are social media and image sharing sites the domain of marketing specialists. As the general workforce gets more adept at using marketing to access gains for a business, the more employers should be seeking to utilize this knowledge. Most businesses, by now, have atwitter feed, so invite your employees to either follow it or contribute to it. Everyone loves a good photo or engaging picture. This offers not only your customers a chance to witness your company culture, but reinforces your employee’s engagement.

Employee Feedback

There’s a host of apps that can augment your one-to-ones and team meetings. As much as you would with customer and client feedback, you can anonymize employee feedback questionnaires to get an honest and comprehensive idea of how your workforce feels about their working lives. Through this, you may find all kinds of new and exciting ideas for how to incentivize your staff, as well as get a clear understanding of their motivations.

Photo: Alexandre Debieve (Unsplash)

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