Combatting Generational Differences in the Office

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by Sam at Management 3.0

In part two of our three part podcast series with Julian Tesche, head of market development at Peakon, a company that measures and improves employee engagement through data, we’re focusing on combatting the generational differences in the office.

If you missed part one, where we discussed how to be a good listener, check it out here. And of course you can hear the full podcast episode where we include parts one, two and three, here.

At the bottom of this post you can listen to the part of the podcast where Julien discusses generational differences.

As we all know, offices today are extremely multi-generational. People are working longer than before and that means a mix of boomers and generations, x, y, and z.

So what are the Biggest Differences Between the Generations & what should we be Mindful of?

#1: Climate Change: Young people are changing their behaviour around waste due to climate change. If you’re running an office or throwing a party or an event, think about whether you’re being environmentally sustainable.

#2: Differing values: Generations have different values. Whereas the baby boomers and some generations that came after them placed a lot of importance on career, millennials, while they believe it’s important, focus on creating experiences and investing in them. When leading a team it’s important to consider what motivates and engages each group and how you can cater to each party.

#3: Questioning the Traditional Work-Week: Young people are questioning the effectiveness of the traditional 9-5, Monday to Friday grind. With the onset of technology, which the older generations didn’t use as readily as it didn’t exist in the same way, more people are moving to remote work (especially today with the coronavirus).

#4: Company culture: The vibe at work is extremely important, especially to younger people who place a lot of emphasis on company culture. Be conscious of how the vibe is impacting the office.

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  • Jane Cheng says:

    They also care more about the working relationship with supervisors and other colleagues – they sometimes say let’s be friend first before you share the vision with us.

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