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by Nadine, Management 3.0 Team

When we came up with the idea for the Management 3.0 Supporter program we wanted to prolong the workshop experience the attendees of the Management 3.0 Foundation Workshops had. We are aware that people leave workshops with their minds full of new ideas and lots of ambition, but after a few days of returning to the same environment, it’s hard to keep this momentum.

The problem comes after the novelty wears off, when we’re back to the daily grind and we forget how excited we were to try something new.

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We wanted to change that and keep the conversation going. From the beginning, we offered our Supporters the workshop slides and games for free download. In addition, once a week we add new free readings and we created a Slack group for easy exchanges of ideas between Supporters and our fabulous Management 3.0 Facilitators.

When reviewing the progress we made towards our goal of keeping the conversation going we felt that the exchanging part could be better. We understand the time constraints everyone has but still believe that new knowledge and new habits, take time for everyone to establish.

That’s why we’ve been working on something new: We created a social learning center, embedded in our brand new Facebook group which is available for Management 3.0 Supporters and Facilitators.

Within the Facebook group you will find 8 units with several lessons attached to each. The units are based on Martie’s views and currently include the content of our Foundation Workshop slide decks. Each lesson includes an exercise and ends with the request to share the outcome of the exercise or your experiences with group members.

The learning center gives you the possibility to redo the theoretical part of the Foundation Workshop. You will work on each lesson and be guided through step by step. However, the beauty lies in the sharing experiences part. With the help of the Facebook group you can connect with many more people from different countries, cultures and work setups and extend your knowledge and widen your angle. How is Management 3.0 applied in Japan? And what does Agile look like in Morocco? There is so much we can learn from each other. If, while reading the content again, you don’t understand a certain part you can ask the community or us – the Management 3.0 team – throughout the lesson.

Maybe you’ve asked yourself: Does the learning center replace the Foundation Workshop? Not at all. This is not what we had in mind and that is truly not what it will be. A Facebook group can not replace the experiences and memories you made during those two days filled with stories interactions and memories. The Facebook group and learning center is an addition to the Foundation Workshop, it’s another way to continue redefining leadership. It’s an invitation for everyone to stay connected.

In the future we will add more lessons to the learning center. We will include content of our modules to expand your knowledge. But first we’d like to see if you consider the learning center a valuable addition. So why don’t you start your first lesson today?

If you haven’t signed up as a Management 3.0 Supporter yet, you can do so here:

Photo: Nicholas Swanson (Unsplash)

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