Infographic: Tips for designing a happier home

- Mindfulness

by Luke Doyle

Infographic Design Happier Home

The pursuit of happiness should be a simple one, but it can be hard to know exactly what you need to do to give yourself the right chance to be happy. A perfect example of this is in our own homes. We spend so much time there, but do we do enough to make it a place that is a positive environment for us and our families and friends?

Luckily, there are simple steps you can take to make each room of your house a happier place. Starting at the very top, in the attic, you can create a bright and welcoming living space by just installing skylights, while painting the ceiling and walls white will add to this feeling. According to one survey, 78% of people feel more positive in a light and bright environment, so why miss an opportunity to create one?

One room that you don’t want to be light and bright all of the time is the bedroom, which needs to be dark and peaceful to enable you to get the right amount of sleep. To achieve this, you need heavy curtains that will block out the daylight when you should be sleeping peacefully. Another easy way to have a happy bedroom is to make your bed every morning, which might feel like a chore but a study showed that people who make their beds tend to be happier and more successful than those that don’t.

The bathroom is a room with various functional purposes that aren’t necessarily what you think of when it comes to happiness, but there are still important things you can do to make it a nice place to be. One of those is something to think about in terms of layout, with interior designers suggesting that you’ll feel better about your bathroom when guests come around if the toilet can’t be seen when the door is open.

Another room that might not be the place you feel the happiest is the office. Whether you work from home or use it to store paperwork and get homework done, it’s important to make sure it is a functional and pleasing space. So keep it free from clutter, as a Princeton study has shown that it can negatively affect our brain’s ability to focus. Getting a standing desk can also reduce clutter (saving the space you’d need for a chair) as well as making you healthier and happier.

One of the most important rooms for your family and friends is the kitchen, as it’s the heart of the home, where so much of the social interactions take place. So why not provide a focal point for the people you love by adding a breakfast bar or island in your kitchen, where they can gather around and share stories and good times. It’s also a place to share things to be thankful for, so some chalkboard paint can give you space to remember these things.

A lot of social time for your family and friends also takes place in the dining room, and there are tips that you can take advantage of to make the conversation flow, like painting the walls red and defining the space around your dining table with a rug. Meanwhile, the living can be a calmer and happier place if you decorate it with family photos, according to a study by the University of Portsmouth.

All of these tips can make your home a happier place and you can read more about them and get tips for other rooms in your house from CashNetUSA. If you start to apply some of them, you can have a home that makes you feel calmer, happier and healthier, which can have such an impact on your life in general.

What do you do in your home that makes you happy? Let us know in the comments below!

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