The Pursuit of Workplace Happiness: Establishing a Positive Professional Brand

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by Seth McKinley

It’s apparent that young professionals are establishing happiness as a core value in the workplace. Maintaining a happy and healthy lifestyle is no longer limited to your personal time Fostering an environment of positivity and establishing an importance of happiness within the workforce is a large task.

Before you get too overwhelmed. This task can be made attainable when we break it down by each individual person. Here are 5 tips that we can all incorporate into our daily lives to aid in the facilitation of a happy (and productive) workplace:

Professional Image Tip #1: Dress To Impress… Yourself

Your personal brand is an extension of how you market yourself to your peers. The first impression that you make is often through your appearance. When you look your best, you often feel your best and your coworkers will be able to sense that. This has less to do with the type of clothes that you’re wearing (as every industry has different standards) but how you feel while you’re wearing them.

One articles states, “From an internal perspective, looking good simply means feeling confident in one’s own appearance. External perception aside, productivity reaches its peak when a person feels good about their appearance, regardless of the level of dress.” When you’re confident in yourself, you’re more likely to encourage others to find confidence in themselves. Therefore setting the groundwork for a flourishing work environment.

Professional Image Tip #2: Groom For Gratification

Similar to our previous tip, grooming plays an important role when establishing a personal brand. Your attention to the smallest details is a great indicator of your deeper character, and your peers will take notice. Ensure every grooming choice appears to be intentional. Gentleman, no matter your facial hair preference, use your razor frequently “touch up” your look throughout the week. You never know who you’re going to be meeting for the first time!

Ladies, to the same sentiment, a great way to showcase your attention to detail is by maintaining a clean manicure. We’re not suggesting that you go to a salon and have them professional cared for every week, simply keeping them filed and clean will do the trick! In fact, this is a bonus tip for the men as well, everyone should maintain a presentable manicure. It could be the smallest detail but aid in a great boost of confidence to tackle your day!

Professional Image Tip #3: Practice Positivity

Practicing positivity and optimism has many health benefits, including being more productive in the workplace. There are many easy ways to intertwine positivity into your workday to help you stay happy and focused! Showing gratitude towards your colleagues and your work will help you stay in a positive mindset. Doing good for others, like spreading random acts of kindness around the office, and seeing your coworkers be happy because of it, will, in turn, make you feel good! And show gratitude for your job – you have a job, you’re probably good at it, and you can pay your bills! That’s stuff to be grateful for.

Another way to practice positivity is to leave little motivational quotes around your space. Whether it’s Post-Its on your computer or posters on your wall, remind yourself regularly why you’re doing what you’re doing. Seeing the inspirational quotes will help you stay optimistic and feeling positive while you’re at work!

Professional Image Tip #4: Clean to Be Content

Because you spend more than half of your day in your workspace, it’s important that this area stays tidy and neat. Having a sloppy office can drastically affect your mood; working or spending time in a cluttered and unorganized mess, will make your brain feel the same. Plus, a neat office or cubicle will help you impress your coworkers and clients. A clean work area helps to show that you are efficient and trustworthy, which will help you gain respect from those around you. What makes you feel better at work than knowing people can rely on you?

Professional Image Tip #5 Find a Friend

Having someone at work that you look up to and trust will help you work harder and feel better. Look to your superiors as a source of inspiration, or a fellow coworker to be a trustworthy friend and mood-booster throughout the day! Finding a mentor at work will help you stay inspired to work hard, and when you know you’re trying your hardest on the job, you will feel good! Also, if you have a friend nearby that you can turn to for some midday laughter and be a sense of sanity in the midst of your crazy job, you will always feel on top of the world!

These are just a few attainable things that you can do every single day at your job to help make sure you’re happiest. It’s important to feel positive and your absolute best at the place you’re spending most of your life, while also being productive and working your hardest!

What do you do to help you create your personal brand? Let us know in the comments below!

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