5 Must Have’s for new freelance writers

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by Makeda Waterman

The freelance industry is a life saver for women on maternity leave, students, retirees or people with interest in changing the direction of their career. It is an exciting opportunity that is met with challenges if a person does not have a mentor. As a freelance writer, there are common mistakes to avoid that can help save you time, money and effort.

Before you embark on an exciting new career as a writer, here are a few things you need to succeed.

New Freelance Writer Tips #1: Biography of a Successful Writer

The story of a favorite journalist or writer can inspire you when faced with challenges. It will teach you what it takes to succeed with real-life examples of people that achieved a high level of success. The top writers in the industry studied strategies of their favorite authors to develop their writing technique. After reading the biography, you will have a profound respect for the craft of writing, and it can motivate you to keep going if you encounter a setback.

New Freelance Writer Tips #2: A Letter of Interest

What is a letter of interest? It is a letter included in a job application submission that shares the reason why you are perfect for a job. Unlike a cover letter, it is a brief statement of what interests you about the company and the skills you can offer in the role.

A job posting can receive hundreds of submission, from other freelance writers around the world. A letter of interest is one way to stand out from the competition to land a new client.

New Freelance Writer Tips #3: An HD Camera

Once you add photographer to your byline, it can increase income. A journalist, blogger or freelancer that can take photos for a client can not only include writing rates but photography rates. There are affordable online courses to learn the art of photography. If you do not have a budget to invest in high priced cameras, a smartphone with a high megapixel.

New Freelance Writer Tips #4: SEO for Online Content

What is SEO? It stands for search engine optimization. A freelance writer that blogs have social media accounts or a professional portfolio needs to use a set of keywords in all content. It will help to attract new clients that are searching on Google for your skills. It is particularly helpful for finding new clients in your area.

New Freelance Writer Tips #5: A Positive Mindset

The freelance industry offers many benefits with expected challenges to overcome. If the slightest disappointment deters you from pursuing a goal, the freelance lifestyle may not be right for you. As a freelance writer setting goals, surrounding yourself with supportive people and resilience is essential. Here are a few helpful ways to maintain a positive mindset:

  • Morning affirmations that remind you of your greatness
  • Personal development audio (YouTube or CD audio)
  • Write a plan of action to remain focused
  • A healthy diet and exercise routine

Be creative and remember that with time, you can develop a strong and positive mindset for success.

What next?

You have the power to organize your life and pursue a freelance writing career. As you wake up in the morning, start with a healthy meal and listen to personal development advice from a renowned motivational speaker. When faced with challenges, resume reading a biographical book of a favorite writer because it will inspire you. Remember to add additional skills like photography to become a distinguished freelancer. The sky is the limit in the freelance industry.

Are you seasoned freelancer that has any tips for new writers that aren’t on this list? Leave them in the comments below!

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  • Barb Koppe says:

    I’ve just started my journey to learn about how I can find writing opportunities so I found this article very timely and helpful especially the tip about photography skills.

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