How Do We Know When It’s Time To Change?

- Change Management

by Management 3.0

We’re continuing with our celebration, highlighting some of the most popular episodes including the best segments from our four years of podcasting, which includes more than 200 shows.

For our 200th episode we did a compilation of some of the greatest hits and in that countdown we have none other than Sarika Kharbanda, one of our fabulously talented, Management 3.0 Facilitators.

Sarika will also be a keynote speaker at our first ever Forward Virtual Online Summit taking place on November 19 & 21. This is one event not to be missed. Our unique online conference is built to create an interactive & deep learning journey for our global attendees. Sign up today as seats are limited!

In the meantime, get your feet wet with Sarika’s excellent advice about what it takes to change the way we think about change. You can listen to her full podcast episode here.

In the segment below, find out how Sarika says we’ll know when it’s the right time to change and why it’s important not to look at change linearly.

Photo credit: Bluehouse Skis via Unsplash

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