How Effective of a Manager are You?

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by Sam at Management 3.0

In this last part of our three part series with Julian Tesche, head of market development at Peakon, a company that measures and improves employee engagement through data, we’re focusing on being an effective manager.

If you missed parts one and two, where we discussed how to be a good listener and how to combat generational differences, check them out. 

And of course you can hear the full podcast episode where we include parts one, two and three.

At the bottom of this post you can listen to the part of the podcast where Julien discusses what makes an effective manager.

What is the single most important thing managers need to do to make organizations successful?

It starts with making a weekly commitment to your team!

What makes an effective manager?

#1: Knowing how business objectives and the needs of the team intersect

#2: Asking if work aligns with company objectives

#3: Focusing on what’s best for the team, not the best for the trends

#4: The ability to look inwards and to communicate with the team on what they want

#5: Knowing that agile isn’t always the best option for the team

Photo credit Karsten Würth via Unsplash

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