How radical is your change?

- Change Management

by Vasco Duarte

Change is a peculiar thing. It’s always around us. In nature, in the networks we live and work in. Nothing ever seems the same and without thinking we adapt to these changes. But at the same time we often find ourselves stuck in the way we do things. Because change is uncertainty and in uncertainty lie possible failures. In order to force change, you sometimes need to jump into the water without first putting in your toe.

To take things further…

Well, enough about philosophy. Let’s talk about a story I recently heard from Henri Kivioja. It’s about a group of people at Ericsson. They are highly trained professionals and with minds as sharp as razors to boot. They work in IT and like to do their jobs as well as possible. And, as often with people like that, they like to take things a step further.

…you sometimes need something new…

They looked at the past, they looked into the future and then it became clear. This was their moment! They realized leadership and coaching are on the move and are becoming more and more focused around discussing and listening, around something – magic perhaps – happening between persons, between individuals. It’s not only about ‘agreeing’ on something, but about understanding the emotions behind it. They needed something radical. As they put it on their blog:

‘Agile and Lean touches values and principles. However, this is not enough. There is more than meets the eye: people, their emotions and feelings…the goal is to support and empower individuals, teams and organization with change by new means. One sentence to describe it: The Ultimate Gemba!’

…something radical

So they came up with something called Radical Coaching. It works as follows: they start with a small group in an intensive session that centers on values and emotions like safety, love, enthusiasm and miracles. It’s an intensive training, a session can last up to 48 hour, and includes deep discussions in a positive environment. They weld a tight group, focusing on the individuals in it, and then start working. Strengthening their bond along the way with additional sessions, playing Spotify playlists used in the training and updates through Google+. No one is left alone and they help each other out.

If you like to know more you can read about it right here on their blog. It’s pretty intense stuff if you ask me and probably not for everyone. But more important; it’s all about meeting and understanding each other. I fact, I think it is all about courage and happiness. And I sure like that.

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