Management 3.0’s Secret to Growth…Continuous Learning!

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by Management 3.0

While we know that the summer is usually the time where we disconnect a bit more from work and learning, at Management 3.0 we think that learning should be an all-year-round endeavour.

That’s why we created the Learning Path. An excellent way to increase your knowledge about leadership and management in an easy and engaging step-by-step approach, which includes different modalities and resources such as workshops, hands-on practices and modules as well as so much more.

Management 3.0 Learning Path

So where should you start?

1: Workshops!
We have excellent in-person and online workshops (ideal during the coronavirus).

Sign up for a: Foundation Workshop, Fundamentals Online Workshop & Agility in HR Workshop.

But workshops are just the beginning. Learning is also about taking ownership in what you’re doing and in your beliefs. So why not join the movement by…

Management 3.0 Supporter Badge

2: Becoming a Management 3.0 Supporter:
While you’re taking the workshops and potentially working towards becoming a facilitator (read below to find out how to do that), help us redefine leadership together by joining our Supporters Program and getting access to exclusive content as well as a fabulous community of like-minded people in Slack who you can share ideas and knowledge with.

Another way to be further invested in the community is to deepen your knowledge with our….

Plus Workshop

3: Additional Workshops:
We delve deeper into specific areas such as what it takes to motivate teams with our Energize People Workshop. This course can be done in-person or online and is an excellent way to dive further into concepts and practices, after you’ve taken the Foundation or Fundamentals Online Workshop. 

Once you’ve taken these workshops you get a Certificate of Attendance, which says you have officially attended! But, why not take it one step further and not just attend, but…

Management 3.0 Certificate of Practice

4: Practice what you’ve learned and earn a Certificate of Practice:
If you want to prove to others that you know how to practice modern management and leadership topics and if you want to show off experiments and stories, get a Certificate of Practice, which tells people that you have actually applied Management 3.0’s practices.

By now perhaps you’ve had enough learning and applying, and perhaps you want to spread the important message of better management and leadership to others… How can you do that? 

Management 3.0 Facilitator

5: Become a Licensed Facilitator:
Join our Management 3.0 Facilitators community from around the globe in helping make people aware of modern management. There are several paths to becoming a facilitator, which include:

  • Taking an in-person Foundation or Agility in HR Workshop
  • Participating in the Fundamentals Online Workshop combined with the in-person Fundamentals Workshop
  • If you are unable to attend the in-person workshop you can become a Facilitator by earning a Certificate of Practice as mentioned above and experimenting with at least seven Management 3.0 practices and sharing your experience. 

Once you’ve learned the concepts, invested in the community and spread the knowledge, what happens next? You keep on growing by getting…

Management 3.0 Agile Talent Facilitator

6: An additional license:
Become an Agility in HR facilitator and facilitate the ICAgile-accredited course;

And then…why not start creating your own content for other people to learn and spread by…

7: Becoming a Content Creator:
Develop content for Management 3.0 modules, contact us to find out how.

Start your journey now!

Header photo credit, Ray Fragapane via Unsplash

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