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by Sam at Management 3.0

Given everything going on today, we figured there was no better time to share the best tips about remote working, than right now. While so much of the world is either on lockdown, working from home or trying to physically distance themselves from others, it’s important to understand what can make this time easier on each of us and those around us.

At Management 3.0 we’ve been working remotely for years. In fact, the whole company has only ever known remote work. We’ll be sharing our personal tips and insights with you later this week. But for now, here are a few of the top podcasts from experts around the world about what it takes to be a remote working pro.

Top 4 remote working Management 3.0 podcasts

#1 Best Remote Working Podcast: Working Together Anywhere With Collaboration Superpowers

Full disclosure, Lisette, founder of Collaboration Superpowers, was an incredible member of our Management 3.0 team for many years. However, we’re plugging her podcasts because she truly is the best in the business. If you don’t believe us, check out her book, her TEDx talk and her own podcast, all dedicated to what it takes to work remotely for teams and individuals. No one lives and breathes this like Lisette, which is why we have not one, not two but three podcasts feating her advice.

#2: Best Remote Working Podcast: Avoiding the Distraction Economy

Liam Martin, founder of TimeDoctor explains what it takes to avoid distractions. If you’re prone to being pulled away from work due to email, social media or other ‘unhelpful’ things give this podcast a listen. For managers who want to understand how to track remote teams, Liam has some great advice.

Check out his podcast: Avoiding the Distraction Economy

#3: Best Remote Working Podcast: Influencing Virtual Teams

Best selling author and senior manager at Cisco Systems, Hassan Osman, is a remote working guru. In this podcast you’ll learn what it takes to communicate and trust your remote colleagues and discover the one word that’s usually guaranteed to get you what you want.

Check out this podcast: Influencing Virtual Teams

#4 Best Remote Working Podcast: Power of Teamwork

A special episode by none other than our own Management 3.0 team. As mentioned above, we’ve only ever known what it’s like to work remotely and so we wanted to share whatever ‘words of wisdom’ we could, and at the same time have an open and candid discussion about challenges and successes we’ve had as a team. Stay tuned for more Management 3.0 advice soon!

Check out The Power of Teamwork

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