The Power of Transparency

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At Management 3.0 we value transparency a lot. So much so that it’s one of our values when giving bonus points to each other.

We focus a lot of our content, blogs and podcasts on the value of transparency. For instance we spoke with Hailley Griffis, writer for Buffer a social media company, about how being transparent helps hold her company accountable and gain valuable feedback.

So what is so important about being transparent?

#1 Reason why transparency is important, It helps, fosters employee happiness: Transparency fosters trust, and trust is important for healthy relationships. The stronger your relationships are at work the better you’re able to connect with your colleagues and work well together.

#2 Reason why transparency is important, Better Relationships With Customers: The more transparent we are about our business and dealings and the more we let customers in on our thought process and why we do what we do, the more they’ll trust us and continue to come back.

#3 Reason why transparency is important, It Boosts Productivity: The more information people have, the more employees know, the more empowered they are to make decisions, which in turns leads to greater productivity.

#4 Reason why transparency is important, It fuels innovation: The more we share with each other, the more creative we can be because we understand what works and what doesn’t work for people and the organization on a whole.

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