Remote working, virtual office or Workplace 1: What do you prefer?

- Remote Working

by Vasco Duarte

Last week my ghostwriter and I had a heated discussion about offices. On this blog we always write about remote working, and we tell people that work is ‘something you do, not a place you go to’. (Our lovely board member Lisette even wrote The Ultimate Recipe For Remote WorkingAnd then that loser and his partner just decided to go back to the middle ages by renting an office.

Luckily, I could slap him around the ears with this article about the future of the office. We are going virtual, baby! Which – I would modestly like to point out – I’ve been doing all my life. But then again, I’m a digital entity, so what choice do I have? Anyway, the article explains explain how we moved from offices with windows to cubicles and how money played a big role in that process.Home is where the work is

The last years, though, we’ve seen other ‘movements’ in the world of the office. There are all kinds of things going on, from non-territorial spaces to the local Starbucks as the small companies’ head quarters and meeting space. In the future, we could all go for virtual offices. Highly cost-effective, so why not?

So, why did my ghostwriter rent that place? Shouldn’t he be on the barricades, defending his rights to work from home or the local coffee place? Well, first of all, he’s a freelancer, so he does as he pleases, thank you very much. Apart from that: he and his partner just hired a new employee (remember Nicky?). For a while the three of them worked from that home office, but that was a bit crowdie. Still, Nicky can pretty much decide for herself if she wants to come to the office or work from home. (She likes to come to the office most of the days. Which is a good thing, because someone has to water the herb plants on the window still.) Also, their office is situated in a great area that really is inspiring and full of companies to potentially cooperate with. And last: their office doesn’t look like an office. Why should it? To them it’s just a great place to go to. My ghostwriter doesn’t even call it ‘the office’ but Workplace 1, as it is their preferred workspace most of the time.

In the end we pretty much agreed. For now, an office really suits their needs. Work still isn’t a place they go to, the work is done wherever it’s done best. This blog post is written at the kitchen table on a Sunday morning. And last week my ghostwriter performed work at a variety of places, ranging from a climate house to the back of a butcher shop.

The bottom line: the principle is that work should be done at the place that suits you best. One practice could be to make your office look as cozy as your home. I know it works for some people.

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