Removing the ‘black box’ of management – the Futurice story part 3

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by Vasco Duarte

I told you guys before about my friend Tuomas Syrjänen of Futurice, and how Futurice dealt with organizational change at his company Futurice, which was the winner of the European A Great Place to Work 2012 and 2013!

However, as you could read in these blog posts (here and here), the road to success hasn’t been a walk in the park. It took a lot of courage and even more trust to get where they are now. And in order to get there, they had to radically remove something from their upper management: elitism.

Friday? Futufriday!

What they did to get that done was amazingly simple. Since they wanted their people to be more involved they baptized the first Friday of the month Futufriday, and now organize an open meeting every week. Everyone can join and they talk about the company numbers, knowledge, new technology, clients and so on. I think it’s a great way to make sure everyone is involved in how the company is doing. You can really show what is going on. But did they think it was enough at Futurice?

All questions are valid

Well, no. Somehow they still had the feeling there was some kind of black box when it came to management. A black kind of magic they didn’t want. So in order to ensure their style of management to be an open process and a collective responsibility, they opened up their management meetings for everyone. You can just book a place and show up. You can ask about anything you want to know. All questions are valid. My friend Tuomas explained it to me. “I would like everyone in the company to understand what we want to achieve with these new ways of working. Together we can make it happen, but only if we all see the value.”

Feel good movie

For me personally, Futurice stands for a brighter tomorrow. And if you think that sounds a bit too much like a corny movie, it maybe does. So what? This whole story sounds like a feel good movie anyway, but one that is based upon a true story. Not only was Futurice elected that ‘Great Place to Work’, the company has also seen a profitable growth for the last 8 years and achieves high scores in customer satisfaction numbers. Really, if they ever do make a film of this, they are surely going to need Tom Hanks.

To be continued…

Photo: Sophia Baboolal (Unsplash)

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