So Much to Look Forward To! Management 3.0’s First Forward Summit(s)

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by Management 3.0

We’re counting down the days until our first ever Forward Summits at Management 3.0. and we want you to count with us. But first, if you haven’t been following (we’ll forgive you given the current inundation of news), here are our two extremely exciting Forward events:

What are they all about?

Management 3.0 has always been a forward thinking company.

We were a fully remote team long before the coronavirus pandemic. We have always believed in creating the right culture and atmosphere for employees, focused on morale, values and emotional intelligence… all things that companies are emphasizing now.

So we figured there was no better suiting name for something we want to share with our community, than Forward and no better time to do it. We definitely are not letting a pandemic get in the way of continued knowledge, community and growth.

Our Forward events are excellent opportunities to learn, develop and network with hundreds of attendees and get inspired to learn new ways of working centered on happiness and agility and business success.

Who Will Be There?

At both Forward Virtual and Forward In-Person we have an incredible cast of characters, including industry leaders, influencers, well-known authors and renowned speakers. You can see the full list for Forward Virtual here and for Forward In-Person here.

A Sneak peak into our Forward Virtual speaker lineup includes:

  • Adrian Furnham, Professor of Psychology at University College London
  • Shelley Paxton, Former CMO of Harley Davidson
  • Chris Tuff, National Bestselling Author, of The Millennial Whisperer
  • Tristan White, entrepreneur behind one of Australia’s Best Places To Work
  • Henry Stewart, Chief Happiness Officer at Happy Ltd.

How Will It Work?

In addition, to the content-filled program, we know that networking and having fun is a vital part of any conference experience. At the virtual event you’ll be able to have a coffee, join happy hour drinks, create together with Lego and much more. You will come away from Forward with many new contacts and friends all passionate about management & leadership transformation.

So… since we are all in need of something fun to look forward to… Sign up today for our Virtual Forward Summit in November and why not plan next year already… we all need something to look forward to!

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