The Future Employee in 7 Principles

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by Vasco Duarte

The future is a great thing. We will celebrate our holidays on Mars, there will be a pill that instantly cures hangovers and we will all live to be a 120. Oh, and we will still have to work. But what will we look like as employees? (I won’t be an employee of course, but with my new mainframe I will be super duper fast.) On I read an article by Jacob Morgan called ‘7 Principles of the Future Employee’. Let’s go through his principles one by one.

1. Has a flexible work environment

Jacob tells us there won’t be any cubicles and 9-to-5 jobs. Location independency will be the new reality and all you need is wifi. Okay, seems we are on route here, it sounds exactly like our job offers for a Web developer and Content marketer 😉

2. Can customize work

No longer we will have static jobs, Jacob says. I agree, at Happy Melly we are already talking about project roles instead of job titles. If you have – or develop – other skills, you can easily change projects.

3. Shares information

Hoarding information is soooo 2013. The future employee realizes that ‘sharing is power’ according to Jacob. I agree. For that, we will need a new way of ‘judging’ our employees. One way could be to implement a Merit Money system. Read more about that right here.

4. Uses new ways to communicate and collaborate

No longer will email be the way to communicate. Thank the Lord for that. Collaboration platforms will be our future. Luckily for us, we have our own R2Lisette2, who not only does things with robots, but is foremost the brains behind Collaboration Superpower and was already working with business collaboration platforms when most major companies were still working with thumbscrews to extract information.

5. Can become a leader

Jacob teaches us again that sharing is power. By sharing ideas and giving feedback in a new and transparent way, people flock to you like bachelors to a strip club.

6. Shifts from knowledge worker to learning working

As Jacob tells us; ‘to be the smartest person in the room all you need is a smartphone’. What you need to do is learn. Well, I’ve got nothing to add to that.

7. Learns and teaches at will

We will no longer need ‘official’ structures when it comes to teaching and learning. When we are connected anywhere and anytime, that will be an ongoing process where teacher and students switch roles continuously. And that’s true. Even my ghostwriter was able to teach someone to upload a picture in WordPress. A small step for a baboon, but a giant leap for him.
I agree with these 7 principles, but I also have an 8th one:

8. Will have a great manager

In a world where workers share knowledge and collaborate on a global scale, there won’t be any room left for bad managers. Why not? Because companies can’t afford to have bad managers on board. Workers will simply stand up and leave, sharing their network and what learn somewhere else. For me, that’s the greatest promise the future has.

Photo: Marc-Olivier Jodoin (Unsplash)

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