The Making of Martie, Management 3.0’s Monster

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by Sam at Management 3.0

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Martie, we thought it was about time you got to know not just him, but the maker, behind the Monster. But let’s start with Martie.

Who is Martie and why are we talking about him?

Martie is our fabulous Management 3.0 Monster Mascot. However, he’s more than just a cuddly green-eyed monster, he represents the six views of Managemet 3.0, through his six eyes. The six views that Martie represents embody who we are as a company and what we believe in.

They Include:

#1: How to Energize People: People are the most important parts of an organization and managers must do all they can to keep people active, creative, and motivated.

#2: Empower Teams: Teams can self-organize, and this requires empowerment, authorization, and trust from management.

#3: Align Constraints: Self-organization can lead to anything, and it’s therefore necessary to protect people and shared resources and to give people a clear purpose and defined goals.

#4: Develop Competence: Teams cannot achieve their goals if team members aren’t capable enough, and managers must therefore contribute to the development of competence.

#5: Grow Structure: Many teams operate within the context of a complex organization, and thus it is important to consider structures that enhance communication.

#6: How to Improve Everything: People, teams, and organizations need to improve continuously to defer failure for as long as possible.

We discuss these views and the modules that go with them, in our excellent workshops!

So now let’s get to the woman behind the Monster

Eliana de Almeida Liupkivicius da Silva, lives in Brazil and became a craftswoman, working from home, so she could raise her children. Making things by hand was something her family had always done, she says and it was the perfect way for her to raise her kids and do something she loved, while also earning a living.

At the beginning, Eliana started making dolls for her children, who loved them. Her company then expanded to making dolls and other crafts for clients through her company, Artes By Mamae.

Eliana embodies what we at Management 3.0 think is important. She loves what she does and lives a purposeful and intentional life.

“The important thing for me is seeing the customer satisfied with the order, seeing the smile on his face, saying that it was perfect, brings me a lot of joy!” Eliana

So when she was asked to make us a Martie doll, to bring the mascot to life, Eliana was excited. “I thought it was just a little monster but then it was explained to me what he was,” she said.

While it was the first time Eliana ever made a Martie, she had made monsters in the past. However, Martie posed some challenges because the only reference point she had was a drawing, she said. So she got creative and played around with the shape and texture, adapting it until she thought it was “cool” and liked the results.

For us, at Management 3.0 it was really special to have Eliana create our first ever Martie. We believe in working with people who embody our values and in Eliana we found someone of like-mind and philosophy.

“The important thing for me is to live in peace and balance between the material and the spiritual, and give a lot of respect for the people in our lives,” Eliana.

Eliana believes in always learning, personally and professionally and that things happen when they’re meant to.

This holiday season, we invite you to join like-minded people in our Management 3.0 community, by taking advantage of our exclusive Martie pre-sale. We have a limited offer of 100 Marties and you won’t be able to buy more until February.

This is a great gift for your team, family, friends and anyone who cares about management, leadership and living with purpose!

Photo credit Eliana

*Editor’snote: Eliana did not create the 100 Marties that are now being sold

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