The Top Five Ways to Create A Thriving Company Culture

- Worker Happiness

by Management 3.0

A few years ago on our podcast, we spoke with Gsoft, a company that said it had it ‘all figured out’ when it came to employee happiness.

Like us, at Management 3.0, they had no vacation days, no dress code and their mantra, “trust by default” is very similar to our belief in managing the system and not the people. Gsoft was/is ahead of its time, as now companies are starting to embrace the value of creating trust within teams, psychologically safe spaces and fostering work environments where people feel comfortable to be themselves.

Some people say that the coronavirus has created the shift, but we think the coronavirus has only accelerated a change that was already underway. As company culture is on everyone’s minds, in this post we wanted to share the top five ways to enhance culture within organizations.

#1: Show employees their involvement is critical: Invite employees to share thoughts on a day-to-day basis and also during company culture discussions. Don’t just pay lip service to it, make them feel like their presence and input matters.

#2: Offer Flexibility: This is something the coronavirus has forced companies to adopt, but now that many are doing it, they say they won’t turn back. Flexibility shows your team that you trust them and also fuels motivation and productivity when people can work from where they want and when they want.

#3: Empower & Encourage: Companies that thrive, empower and encourage teams to be vocal, not to be afraid of failure and to experiment with new ideas.

#4: Promote Trust: This might sound obvious, but companies with a positive work culture are places where colleagues trust each other not to judge, to listen and to respond and be relied upon when needed.

#5: Establish Clear Company Values and Goals: Having clear values and goals is crucial to creating a good culture. People need to know what they’re working for, what the company stands for and they need to feel part of something greater than themselves.

How does your company foster a positive culture? Let us know in the chat below, send us an email with your thoughts or better yet, join our Forward Virtual Summit in November and share ideas with industry experts and fabulous speakers, all who care about creating positive workplaces! Buy your ticket today.

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