Top 10 Management 3.0 Podcasts To Inspire You This Holiday Season

- Worker Happiness

by Sam at Management3.0

The holidays are a time to tune out the noise and tune into enjoyable, fun and interesting content. Our Happiness at Work Podcast is a unique look at what it takes to live a happy and productive life at work and personally. We take a no ‘fluff’, serious approach to happiness and make sure you walk away with tangible tools and practices to implement right away.

Here are our top 10 all time most popular podcasts to keep you entertained and informed during the holidays:

#1: Culture is Within Your Control: Tristan White’s Start-Up become Australia’s best place to work. Trista built trust and thoughtful personal and professional relationships and leaned in to his employees.

#2: Effective Management in Agile & Scrum Teams: Find out why managers aren’t even mentioned in’s guide and share your thoughts on whether you think we need managers in our teams. Management 3.0, CEO Ralph van Roosmalen and Kurt Bittner, Vice President of Enterprise Solutions at Scrum, talk Scrum, Management, Agile and what makes them fuse together so well.

#3: What it Takes To Have Successful Meetings: Renowned as the ‘meeting mavin‘, author Elise Keith explains what so many companies aren’t getting right (and wrong) when it comes to meetings and how high performing teams are designing their conversations to be more focused and intentional.

#4: What’s the right formula for happiness at work? The most successful organizations invest three times as much in staff training than the least successful ones, says Michael Gale.

#5: Change the Way You Think about Change: Management 3.0 Facilitator and global lean change agent, Sarika Kharbanda, explains how leaders drive change and the perspective of people impacted by change, by valuing the perspective of other people and understanding that change is not linear.

#6: Five Frequencies Leaders Must Fine Tune: People need to stop treating culture like something that we have no control over, says Lynne Viscio and Jennifer Landis. Co-authors of the book Five Frequencies, Lynne and Jennifer say leaders need to be culture shapers in their organizations and to do this, they need to be in tune with their signals.

#7: Leading Means Listening: Listening is an undervalued skill, yet one that’s imperative if we’re going to create strong relationships based on trust, says Roman Pichler.

#8: Manage the System Not the People: Our long time facilitator, Ryan Behrman explains how giving Management 3.0 workshops has helped move him forward and change the way he views work/life balance and fusion.

#9: The Power of Clean Language: Ask non-judgmental clarifying questions, be curious and enter the conversation prepared to be surprised, says Judy Rees. We’re too reluctant to ask clarifying questions, which in turn leads to miscommunication.

#10: The Secret to Being a Great Influencer: Great influencers attract people first to themselves and then to their ideas. Author, speaker and podcaster, Bob Burg explains what it takes to pull, not push, people to getting on board with your ideas.

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