Top 3 Kindness Calendars to Encourage Leading By Example

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by Stacy Walden

What are your desires for the New Year? If your thoughts immediately jump to advancing in your career or improving your professional relationships it may be a good idea to examine your lifestyle and explore a few exercises that instil kindness into your day.

Germany Kent said:

As you become more present in your own life, you will begin to enlighten others by your example.

Germany Kent

In this case showing kindness can increase moral, encourage others to follow your positive leadership style and mimic your forward thinking attitude. 

The New Year brings a fresh start and an opportunity to practice goal-setting in the environment that could most positively impact those around you. By focusing on spreading kindness at work, by giving Kudo Cards for example, you are more likely to inspire others as well as receiving a little love in return. 

There are many benefits to spreading kindness other than improving your mood and others you impact. Spreading kindness allows us to construct an environment that enhances generosity and in many cases welcomes a relationship of reciprocity.

Before you know it, people will be going out of their way to meet your deadlines and work on your team due to the kind and sportsman-like atmosphere you create. This is known as choice architecture — designing your environment to complete your goals and challenges. 

Kindness Calendars to Practice Choice Architecture

In order to provide a way so you can put choice architecture into practice and spread kindness try using the, “New Year, New Me” kindness calendars good for each month of the year.

Hang one of the three printable kindness calendars in a significant space (such as your office, bedroom or kitchen) as a daily reminder to pay it forward. If you’re on the leadership team, use these calendars as an activity to promote a healthy and kind workplace and team environment by rewarding each other out for paying it forward! 

The calendars also provide kindness challenges, like investing in yourself, that are simple and can be easily added to your current lifestyle. Try these with your coworkers or on your own.

Show Gratitude to Colleagues 

Since we spend a significant amount of time at work, showing kindness and a bit of gratitude can go a long way in building strong relationships. If you run your business solo, show love to someone who has mentored or inspired you in the past. Use this time as an opportunity to go above and beyond for someone you aspire to work with or learn from. Treat them to a coffee or ask if they could use help with a task.

31 Days of Kindness for Colleagues & Inspiring People

Invest in Yourself

Caring for yourself can be the best way to spread kindness and refuel after a long work week. Taking time to show yourself some love can prepare you to be the positive leader you aspire to be. Self-care doesn’t always mean bubble baths and face masks, but can include expanding your skills or knowledge by taking a workshop for example, caring for your body and fitness goals, or simply cultivating your mental and emotional health. 

Pick Up a New Skill 

Learning is a great way to stay sharp and increase your brain function. Once you have conquered a new skill your capabilities grow and opportunities to mentor others heighten. Challenge yourself to pick up a new skill in or outside of the workplace to enhance your creative tool belt and inspire others to go the extra mile to better themselves. 

Make Time for Family and Friends 

Pay it forward to a friend or loved one! Kindness can be contagious and being nicer to your family can increase your quality of relationships. Displaying a healthy work-life balance can make for leadership qualities others strive for. Go out of your way to wash the dishes or do a chore for someone else. Odds are they will return the favor when you need it!

Download 31 Days of Kindness for Family & Friends

Pay It Forward to Your Community 

No effort is too small. Give up some of your free time by volunteering in your community. Organize your company or a few coworkers to take part in a volunteer event or take on a leadership position to get more involved. 

Use this activity to show the ones you love some kindness and bring positive energy into your life. Practice gratitude and think about small ways you can better someone else’s day. Keep track of showing coworkers kindness with a daily reminder from the printable calendars. Before you know it others will be following your lead.

Download 31 Days of Kindness for Community & Neighbors

Credit for the calendars goes to: FTD who wrote/created the calendars

Photo credit Andrea Tummons via Unsplash

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