How Business Owners Can Use Video To Boost Sales And Marketing?

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by Khristine Agase

It’s no secret that video marketing is on the rise in today’s highly digital world. Because in so many ways, videos have the power to grow a business. But how can you use a video to its full potential? This article will help you understand exactly how business owners like you can use video to boost sales and marketing.

Sales and Marketing Are Everything to a Business

If you don’t market well, you can’t sell. And if you can’t sell, none of it matters. Without an effective marketing strategy and without sales, you can be certain you will fail. As the business owner, it is your responsibility to find what works for generating sales at your company.

However, making sure that your company uses the right marketing technique and generates sales are no easy tasks. So whether you like it or not, incorporating videos into your marketing plan is what you need. These are amazing audio-visual tools that have the engaging and conversion power that you can’t ignore.

Video: Certainly Not a Tool to Be Taken Lightly

Investing in video productions will give you the edge that will significantly increase your chances of success. It helps you stay in lockstep with the rapid changes happening in today’s competitive marketplace.

One major example is when marketers try to improve their landing page conversion rates. It is always a major matter of concern because of the different engaging tactics that other businesses use. But with a video, it is relatively easy to get customers to begin crawling through the sales funnel. Statistics show that landing pages with video have increased conversions by 80%.

So while others still consider video as an afterthought, it must be a front-runner position in your marketing strategy.

Ways On How To Use Video To Boost Sales And Marketing

Today, due to the advancements in technology, it easier and more exciting to use video to boost sales and marketing. There are several principal points why this kind of material is becoming an exceptionally valuable marketing medium. Video is something that the consumer now expects to be part of any marketing and sales package.

Videos As Marketing Booster

A Welcome Video for your homepage.

The quality and appearance of your website are not enough to keep your visitors stay on your site. And since the modern people have lower viewing retention, it is crucial to grab your audience’s interest in the first crucial seconds of getting into your website. A welcome video on your homepage is an effective tool to motivate people to see more about what you’ve got for them.

This welcome video will serve as your intro video. It is a short, direct, introductory video that tells the viewer everything they need to know about your product or service. It gives you a huge chance to make a great first impression. Intro videos are usually animated marketing videos. So keep the welcome video concise. It should directly reflect the type of business you run so people get the idea of what you do in a short period of time. By using a welcome video on your homepage, you are improving your marketing because of the increase in the number of your daily website visitors.

Tutorial Videos in your blog posts.

Blog posts aren’t old school. They play a significant role in customer information and entertainment. They help business relay messages to the audience and keep them informed. But not all blog posts are converting. To improve your marketing using blog posts, have tutorial videos on them. Text or picture instructions are not enough. With video tutorials, you can comprehensively show your customers how your product or service works. Because moving images or real-life people express actions with emotions. That’s very appealing and compelling to viewers.

However, be sure that you are creating the right tutorial video. A very attractive type of video to use as tutorial video production is an animated explainer video. Create a tutorial video piece that is short but is providing clear and helpful information about your goods and services. Also, it’s best if you answer the most common questions that your target audience ask about your niche.

Video on emails.

Businesses use emails to market. But to make it more effective, send video emails. With bloated email inboxes, it’s true that you can’t quickly get your message across. You have to stand out to be able to grab your recipient’s attention. Customers are bombarded with text emails.

So with a video email, marketing is made easier. You get the chance to leave a positive impression on your customer, plus the opportunity to personalize your video in which it becomes more motivating to your target audience. Moreover, be sure that on your video email you provide your viewer the next steps they have to follow.

Videos As Sales Booster

Generate more leads.

A great video can increase your website traffic. Therefore, it also increases your chance of generating more leads that could eventually convert. When you’ve got a lot of people talking about you, you get a high amount of recognition which is very important in today’s advertising efforts. It’s not easy to get leads. You need to compete. But with a video, finding and making visitors engage is a lot easier.

Increase brand awareness.

This is all about recognition. If more and more people become aware of your business, you have bigger chances of gaining paying patrons. Videos are proven effective when it comes to increasing brand awareness. One of the top reasons is that they are very easy to share. People around the globe have the chance to learn about your product or service. Videos expose your brand to a wider audience and that is true conversion and sales power.

Videos convert.

In so many ways, with or without any other marketing strategy collaboration, video can stand alone and convert. Just imagine the 82% rate of people who watch videos before making a purchase decision. A video can motivate a person to believe, trust, and pay at the end.

Videos connect

Videos, compared to other marketing and advertising tools, have the ability to better connect with an audience. Meaningful images combined with sensible audio are truly very engaging. If you are starting to consider using video to boost sales and marketing in your company, you are thinking just perfectly!

Photo: Sam McGhee (Unsplash)

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