What does it Take to Be Happy?

- Worker Happiness

by Management 3.0

We came across an interesting segment during this podcast the other day and as we like to highlight all things happiness related, we thought we’d share some key points.

Here’s what we learned from Freakonomics:

  • Happiness levels tend to start dropping around age 16
  • People often disagree about what creates happiness
  • Different people look at happiness in different ways and call it different things
  • Being happier doesn’t mean you’re objectively doing better, but rather because you have changed targets
  • Young people tend to be unrealistically optimistic
  • While these projections that young people have for their lives may be unrealistic, it’s shown the higher you reach the further you get and the better leaders people become
  • There is a gap between what we are achieving and what we want to achieve

How Can We Hack the happiness Curve?

  • When you’re sad, it’s very hard to not be sad
  • When experiencing the downward trajectory — or when happiness is decreased — it’s important to remember that life is long and you won’t feel this way forever
  • Gain pleasure from the possibility of a future reward — or in this case, future happiness
  • Shift your mindset from what’s going to happen to being grateful for what has happened
  • Have perspective on life that allows you to appreciate what you have, and the little things such as a good cup of coffee or a good day

What does happiness mean to you? Let us know or leave your answers in the comments below.

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One thought on "What does it Take to Be Happy?"

  • Angelika says:

    Happiness for me is when I wake up in the morning and have a fresh, brewed cup of coffee with my beloved one.

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