Why Successful People Work Less And Get More Done

by Taylor Ryan

Have you ever wondered what the ethics of successful people are? Although different folks perceive it in different ways researchers identified some common habits that people practice in order to outperform others

#1 Habit of Successful People: They Set Goals

Most people set too many goals and end up achieving nothing. Set your focus on a particular goal and work hard to achieve it before moving on to the next one. By spending 10x as long on something you get 100x the result. Goal setting in a multitasking environment where the pace only gets faster can be draining at times, but it actually helps attain more.

#2 Habit of Successful People: They workout

Exercising is known to be extremely beneficial for boosting brain performance aside from getting you in shape. Physical activity and body movement stimulate brain chemicals that can help tackle daily chores and reduces stress.

#3 Habit of Successful People: They have good time management

Successful people are good at prioritizing tasks and activities in order to deliver the best results. Sometimes it’s more about knowing what to focus on, rather than trying to do everything. Remember that the least effective person has the same amount of time as the most effective one. You are what you do: Separating urgent from important has a huge impact on your success.

#4 Habit of Successful People: Spend quality time with their loved ones

Goal oriented people are not necessarily spending all their day working crazy hours in an office. As opposed to common belief, they enjoy life as it is, messy and far from perfect. Whatever you’re doing, stop and relax for a second! Life goes by fast and we are unable to predict what tomorrow might bring. Money metrics and fame as measures of success in a finite world means nothing unless we can share them with loved ones. Enjoying the people and experiences around us while staying humble and true to ourselves are the key to long-term happiness.

#5 Habit of Successful People: They don’t take themselves too seriously

Laugh at the joke called “you”. It’s totally fine to make mistakes, it’s ok to ask silly questions, and it’s way more beneficial for long-term prosperity as opposed to judging ourselves too often and too hard. Life should be similar to a light hearted comedy, not a Greek tragedy. Practice being drama free and you’ll do better in life.

#6 Habit of Successful People: They fail fast and often

The fail fast mantra is true. You might ask why? While some people confuse failing with failure, successful people know that failing actually means gathering more experiences that automatically improve their knowledge. We can choose whether we see that glass half full or half empty. As Thomas Edison once said: “I have not failed 10,000 times. I have not failed once. I have succeeded in proving that those 10,000 ways will not work. When I have eliminated the ways that will not work, I will find the way that will work.”

#7 Habit of Successful People: They take breaks

We all have that one friend who won’t stop answering business calls on vacation. Taking time off to relax is a great way to reward yourself for your hard work as well as releasing stress. In order to maintain high-quality performance in the workplace, it’s vital to have a good work-life balance. In “The Power of Full Engagement“, authors Jim Loehr and Tony Schwartz question whether life should be lived as a series of sprints or a marathon, opting for the first one.

#8 Habit of Successful People: They say “no”

It might sound easy but saying no can be a dreadful task, especially if you’re in the beginning of your career and you want others to have a favorable impression of you. However, being strategic about the work you don’t do is just as important as the work you take on. Saying no and communicating boundaries is a great way of showing that you respect yourself and your inner voice. Learn how to pick up your battles, recognize opportunities and turn down projects that you find unnecessary. If It looks like pointless busy work, it probably is. Instead, center your energy on projects that are in line with your career ambitions.

#9 Habit of Successful People: They think positive

Successful people are confident about the positive impact they will have on an organization. An individual who has the passion and confidence to believe he/she can succeed will most likely not fail. Focusing on problem-solving during hard times requires a certain perspective and a positive mindset that can be acquired with a little bit of practice. Instead of focusing on what didn’t work, it’s always better to start our days with optimistic thoughts that will challenge negative behaviors.

#10 Habit of Successful People: They regularly surround themselves with the right people

Motivational speaker Jim Rohn once said we are the average of the five people we spend the most time with. Understanding the influence of people is critical to your progress. If you strive to be fulfilled and do well in life, choose your peers wisely. Your direction in life depends on it.

#11 Habit of Successful People: They avoid distractions

Your focus is like a muscle: Train it! Successful entrepreneurs know that no matter how many hours a day they might have, there are as many distractions that might interfere with the process of a good business. Not to mention that it’s almost impossible to accomplish all that we want, and certainly not all at once. Focusing on a particular goal until it’s completed while avoiding multitasking and technology distractions can certainly improve the quality as well as the time spent on a project.

#12 Habit of Successful People: They work to their strengths and get help for weaknesses

Weakness is a choice. Every human being has a particular set of skills and talents that should be maximized. Working on what you’re really good at is in your best interest. While focusing on improving weaknesses helps you grow, chances are your growth will be at a very slow rate that will make you waste precious time which could be used for productive activities.

#13 Habit of Successful People: They eat healthy

A fascinating subject for scientists has always been the way diets not only affect our body, but also our minds and the way we perform daily activities. Food isn’t just fuel that gives body energy, it also helps dominate life, and can determine whether we focus or lose focus. For instance, skipping breakfast can damage productivity levels. Go for a healthy, balanced diet that contains proteins, vegetables, fibers and good carbs while trying to replace sugar with fruits and soda with smoothies.

#14 Habit of Successful People: They Read

Leaders must be readers. Bill Gates, Oprah Winfrey and Mark Zuckerberg are just a few isolated examples of successful people who educate themselves through reading. Leaders must reach customers and partners, so persuasion is at the heart of any business. Understanding other’s mental state is a crucial skill in developing relationships and figuring out the way the world works. Both fiction and nonfiction motivational literature are equally significant when it comes to gaining deep knowledge as well as getting some inspiration.

#15 Habit of Successful People: They have a morning routine

Greatness happens before 8 a.m. Successful people share similar morning routines and they know personal priorities are more relevant than other people’s priorities. They wake up earlier and claim these hours of the day as their “me” time. Meditation, working out, visualizing future life goals, or keeping a gratitude journal are just a few of the activities practiced before heading to work.

#16 Habit of Successful People: They Network

A leader’s mindset includes mastering the networking philosophy. But how do you get the attention of people who get hundreds of invitations and emails per week? How do you connect with people that can help you achieve your career goals? By keeping track of newly born companies that are relevant to your industry, by joining LinkedIn groups, by getting in touch with school alumni, by selectively letting others introduce you to potential mentors and coaches and last but not least, being able to give and take, not just take.

#17 Habit of Successful People: They are Organized

Whoever said idle hands mean idle minds was right. Time and resources are saved by efficiently prioritizing tasks and working in a structured, disciplined way. Neat people save time, and time is money. For instance, someone who irons his clothes the night before going to work instead of watching Netflix will be able to spend 10 extra minutes in bed in the morning. Someone who keeps a certain folder structure in his office email, won’t have to fish through old emails to track down missing information and so on. Discipline is a great strategy for a clutter-free lifestyle.

All in all, it would be difficult for a single person to encompass all of these elements of what makes a person successful. But certainly picking up on a few of these habits will never be a bad thing, and you’ll be sure to see results. Although, like all things it takes time and patience.

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