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The Future of Management: Agile Leadership and Management 3.0. Do you want hands on ideas and tools to navigate your team through unpredictable times? Then join us for six interactive sessions between the July 20-23, with Management 3.0 experts from around the world.

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In these online mini trainings you will learn how to level up team performance and make happiness at work the norm and not the exception. There is no complex change needed, our facilitators will show you tangible examples and tools to implement into your leadership practice and that can be used immediately . That’s the spirit of Management 3.0: A worldwide movement to redefine leadership and management. Do you want to know more about this approach before you dive into the specific topics? Then check out our short Management 3.0 intro webinar.

Forward Webinars is a free event that focuses on specific areas of leadership. It is the perfect appetizer for our exclusive main course on the broader theme of the future of leadership: Forward Virtual and Forward Summit. Learn more about them here.

Forward Webinars


Monday, 20 July10am Stefan Nüsperling12 Steps of Happiness – How to implement happiness at work
Monday, 20 July7pmRodrigo Torres Garibay and Kevin CadenaUsing the Competency Matrix to build agile teams
Tuesday, 21 July10amDominik MaximiniThe Powerful Alternative to Performance Reviews
Wednesday, 22 July10amJürgen DittmarSystemic Organizational Development with Management 3.0
Wednesday, 22 July7pmSarika KharbandaCo-create your Change Strategy with Management 3.0’s Change Management Game
Thursday, 23 July7pmArihant JainMindful Leadership in a VUCA world
All webinars will last around 1,5 hours.

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Monday, 20 July 10am CEST
Stefan Nüsperling on 12 Steps of Happiness – How to implement happiness at work

Why is happiness at work a factor for success rather than a luxury? Using the 12 Steps to Happiness and concrete examples from German and Japanese companies, Stefan will illustrate how to build a work environment that makes happiness the norm, and not an exception. Walk away with tangible tips for your professional life and experience Moving Motivators, one of the many Management 3.0 tools, in action.

Monday, 20 July 7pm
Rodrigo Torres Garibay and Kevin Cadena on using the Competency Matrix to build agile teams

In this webinar, Rodrigo Torres and Kevin Cadena lead you through a simple Management 3.0 practice, which will help you to define the competencies that are crucial to your team, create transparency and set you up for successfully developing your team. The webinar is based on a practical case study in which the Competency Matrix was used in an agile environment to form a software analysis and design team.

Tuesday, 21 July 10am
Dominik Maximini: The Powerful Alternative to Performance Reviews

Most managers have a yearly feedback routine: they fill out forms, invite their employees to 1:1 talks and try their best to evaluate performance. This turns especially awkward when managers and employees merely meet more than for those yearly talks or the employee works in closer relationships with others than her formal manager. No wonder, this approach is often dreaded by both employees and managers. It diminishes motivation more often than not. In this webinar we will look at a different approach!

Wednesday, 22 July 10am
Jürgen Dittmar on Manage the system not the people – Systems Thinking and Organizational Development with Management 3.0

One of the most important principles of Management 3.0 is to “manage the system, not the people”. In order to do this we have to develop a better understanding about complex social systems, how they work and how or if we can really influence them. The goal of this webinar is to use Causal Loop Diagrams to make you more familiar with systems thinking, an art we all need to develop in order to effectively address the challenges we face.

Wednesday, 22 July 7pm
Sarika Kharbanda on Co-create your Change Strategy with Management 3.0’s Change Management Game

Navigating the VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous) world and leading change are already important leadership skills. But how can you implement them in your leadership practice? In this webinar Sarika Kharbanda will show you how to easily create your change strategy on a Lean Change Canvas by experimenting with the Management 3.0 Change Management Game. Let’s experience the amazing power of questions to explore four perspectives of change: The system, the individual, the interactions between them and the environment.

Thursday, 23 July 7pm
Arihant Jain on Mindful leadership in a VUCA world

The world is changing rapidly! Have you ever wondered what type of leadership skills are needed to thrive in this VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous) world? Come and join Arihant Jain in this unique interactive webinar on Mindful Leadership where you’ll learn about mindfulness, its relevance and how to apply it to effectively lead teams and help your organization excel. The participants will have an opportunity to learn and walk away with practical mindfulness tips and tools that connect beautifully with our Management 3.0 principles.


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