Join the Management 3.0 Team

Guardian of the Facilitators

We are looking for someone who will enjoy working closely with our facilitators, helping to nurture and coach them to success. With more than 475 facilitators conducting workshops around the world, this role will specifically focus on supporting them so they can feel confident approaching companies and leading events.

Ideally, you’re a forthcoming, proactive, patient person with excellent interpersonal and communication skills. You know what is needed to become a successful facilitator. You have experience with how to market and facilitate workshops and help customers. You’re regularly available for questions and assistance and you understand the importance of working with people over video chat or on the phone, not just via text or email. You speak fluent English and have strong verbal and written skills.

You don’t need to have a background as a Management 3.0 facilitator to do this work, however, it’s an advantage if you’re familiar with our materials, especially our practices and modules. We’re looking for someone with remote work experience, who values the importance of having a positive team culture.

We have some ideas for this role but also want you to come up with your own.


  • Contact and speak with our facilitators on a regular basis to make sure they have what they need to sell and put together workshops
  • Understand the needs and challenges our facilitators face, design a strategy to change what’s not working
  • Identify, target, and assist facilitators who want to increase workshop sales but are struggling to do so
  • Go through our materials, step-by-step on video calls with new facilitators and those who request or are receptive to assistance
  • Personally welcome and engage with new facilitators, beyond a written text in Slack or a generic email
  • Help facilitators with a personalized approach through their journey with us from when they join until they feel comfortable and have become successful at selling and conducting workshops

About our company:

Management 3.0 is a fully remote company focused on redefining leadership. We are a small team of eight freelancers working around the world, the majority are part-time (most of us have our own businesses outside of Management 3.0). We meet twice a year for in-person retreats where we set goals and take time to bond and connect with each other.


We work on a system we call “Commitment Levels” each month team members decide how many days a week they’ll be able to dedicate to Management 3.0 work. The compensation is between €1000 and €1450 per commitment level, depending on the country in which you live. For example, if you work two days a week for the month, that’s a Commitment Level 2. You’ll then invoice Management 3.0 for (at least) €2,000 at the end of that month.

For this position, we believe you would need to be available two days a week, or Commitment Level 2.

Please note that this system is quite flexible. You have the ability to change your Commitment Level month-to-month, depending on your workload on and off the team, personal and public holidays, etc.


To apply, please submit a short video, no longer than five minutes* which covers the following:

  • Tell us about yourself
  • Why are you a fit for the position?
  • What are you proud of, what did you accomplish in the last year that you can relate to this role?

Send your video to In your email please include a link to your main business-focused social media profile.

* Due to the high number of application videos we receive and watch, we need to be very strict about this. Any videos which are longer than five minutes will not be watched, and the applicant disqualified from this position. Sorry, no exceptions.

What is the recruitment process?

Our recruitment process for this role involves:

  1. Your application video
  2. A 30-minute video chat interview with two team members
  3. A short assignment
  4. An interview with two different team members to discuss the assignment
  5. An offer to join the team

Because our team structure and compensation system is unique, we understand you may have questions. Rest assured we dedicate time in each interview to discuss any questions you may have.

For this role, applications close on February 26th, 2020 at 11:45 PM CET. We will confirm we have received your application within a few business days. We will let you know if we’d like to proceed with your application and schedule the first interview within two weeks of your application submission date.