PRE-SALES: Martie – The Management 3.0 Monster


It is here, Martie – The Management 3.0 Monster! Martie is the official mascotte for Management 3.0. Its six eyes represent the six views of Management 3.0.

A great gift for your team, manager, leader, or attendees of your workshop!

Be aware this is pre-sales! Read the text below before ordering!

Limited available, just 100 Marties in the pre-sales!

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Be aware, this is pre-sales! Martie is not yet there but you can be one of the first who will receive this great item! Order today and be one of the first who will get Martie! There are just 100 Marties available for the pre-sales!

We expect to be able to start sending out Martie’s February 2021!

If you combine your order with other products, the other products will be already shipped.

Additional information

Weight .2 kg
Dimensions 30 × 25 × 7 cm

Size Chart

Martie is 30 cm tall and 25 cm wide. Martie fits almost in any bag, as long as it is dry and warm.

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