Become a future-proof leader

Become a member of the Management 3.0 Community to see behind the scenes and learn how other practitioners apply its principles and practices in the real world.

Doors are closed until May 2023.
Get reminded when the doors are about to open again.

Welcome to the safe space to learn and practice with others.

  • Learn how others have successfully applied Management 3.0 in their actual work contexts
  • Get support to apply your learnings to your leadership challenges
  • Share your experience and learn from others
  • Access experts and peers through our private community platform and in live sessions
  • Explore exclusive content at your own pace and weave learning into your day-to-day

The Management 3.0 Community makes it easy to exchange and challenge ideas with ambitious leaders. It also helps to get different perspectives from around the world.

Daniel Hauck, Member, Engineering Lead, Germany

Become a future-proof leader, learn with the best, and practice in a safe space.

Doors are closed until May 2023.
Get reminded when the doors are about to open again.

Meet and network with other leaders from all over the world in interactive live events

Being part of the M3.0 community helps me to develop the abilities of a leader of the future and it is a kind reminder for me to be more human and fun in my journey as a serving leader. It is also enriching to be in touch with people from all over the world and their experiences.” – Vanessa Werner, Member, Technology Squad Leader, Brazil

Learn about and experience the real-life applications of the Management 3.0 mindset and practices

Management 3.0 Community is a great way to be in touch with leaders from all over the world, sharing best practices and also obtaining great insights for yourself and your company.” Yoshida, W – Member, Innovation Manager, Brazil

Join a private community of 280+ members and share your journey with like minded peers and experts

I feel accepted and valued for who I am in this Management 3.0 Community.“, Xavier Collette – Member, Agile Coach, Belgium

Being part of this community is a privilege, it is a space to learn, to share experiences with people from all over the world. The events are dynamic and participative. If you are passionate about Agile, and you are looking for better ways to lead, this is your community. For me, it is a great honor to be part of the Management 3.0 Community.

Veronica Onu – Member, Agile Coach, Spain

Sounds great! What’s included?

Case Studies

Monthly case studies to discuss via live webinars or watch at your own pace.

Practice Sessions

Monthly peer-to-peer live sessions to practice, share experiences, and network with other members.

Community Platform

Access to our private community platform to connect with other members whenever you need.

Challenges and Programs

Exclusive programs and monthly challenges to accelerate your learning and co-create the future of leadership.

Official Badge

An official Management 3.0 Community Member badge so you can show the world you’re a future-proof leader.

Special Discounts

Special discounts for our conferences and webshop.

Join a safe space to learn, practice with others, and become a future-proof leader.

Doors are closed until May 2023.
Get reminded when the doors are about to open again.

Still have questions?

Why should I become a member?
You should become a member of the Management 3.0 Community if you’re curious, enjoy learning with others and believe a journey is more meaningful when shared.
When you join the community, you’ll get access to like-minded leaders worldwide through our private platform, exclusive learning and practice events, special discounts for the Management 3.0 conferences and webshop, and much more.
What makes the Management 3.0 Community so special compared to other membership programs?
This membership is not about consuming content; it’s about action and practice.

Our private platform and events are facilitated but still open spaces to contribute. You’ll have the opportunity to host sessions, co-create with other members, and shape the community activities with your suggestions – the sky’s the limit!

We know we’re biased, but we also suspect that our members are the best – the friendliest, most willing to learn and grow, and most thoughtful! 🙂
What are the requirements for becoming a community member?
To become a community member, you need to: 1) submit an application, 2) that application needs to be approved by the Management 3.0 team, and 3) pay the membership fee, which varies depending on your country of residence.
What do you expect in my application?
Above anything else, we expect you to put effort into it. We’re looking for motivated members willing to invest time in the community and eager to learn and share their experiences – tell us how you would like to contribute. 

We also want to ensure the community supports you in achieving your goals – tell us how we can help. 

Don’t be afraid to share as much detail as you want and to show your personality! 🙂
Do I have to be a team leader to become a member?
No. At Management 3.0, we believe management is too important to be left to managers and that leadership is a shared responsibility. Practicing this mindset will help you be a better team member and individual contributor.
Do I need to have attended an official Management 3.0 workshop before applying?
No! It doesn’t matter if you’ve just learned about Management 3.0 or if you’ve been practicing it for a while – there’s a place for you in the community. More important than existing knowledge is the desire to learn and share.
How does the community differ from the workshops?
The workshops are an excellent opportunity to be guided through what Management 3.0 is, its principles, why it matters, and the practical and concrete ways to implement it. The community is about having a group of people around you when you apply it in the real world and continuously improving how you do it.

In addition, the community isn’t just about Management 3.0; it’s about leadership. We talk about other complementary mindsets and practices.
What if I cannot join the events?
If you can’t attend the live events, you’ll have access to the recordings to watch and the Miro boards (the virtual whiteboards) to explore in your own time.

After the events, the conversation continues asynchronously on the private platform.
How much is it?
We have country-dependent membership fees. When you fill in your country in the application form, it appears right below. Fees range from 10-25€/month (100-250€/year).
I want to get a membership for my whole team – is that possible?
We haven’t done this yet, but why not? Let’s have a chat! 😀 
We have special deals for group memberships.
Do you offer a free trial?
No. If you’d like to dip your toes in the water before committing, you can sign up for the monthly membership.
Can I cancel my subscription?
We’ll be sad but you can, of course! You are free to cancel your subscription at any time; however, we do not offer refunds.