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Connect with curious and focused like-minded leaders from all over the world to practice, share, and grow!

How will you grow as a difference-maker?

Connect with like-minded people in a judgment-free space

Feeling alone as a leader and a difference-maker? Not anymore! Your fellow members will be by your side and have a genuine desire to support you with your leadership challenges. Plus, their diverse perspectives will broaden your horizons and bust through your organizational bubble. And guess what? Friendship is on the menu, too

Practice with new tools and skills

Need a gentle nudge into action? We’ve got you! We believe in learning by doing and making a difference through experimentation. Our members are encouraged to dive into new applications of Management 3.0 Practices (and more!), then share their insights to keep the learning flowing.

Explore and learn in an easy & pressure-free way

Get ready for a magical mix of curiosity and focus!
Our exclusive events are the perfect blend of fun and function, designed to help you accomplish your leadership goals and develop your personal and professional growth. No pressure, just lots of inspiration, pure support and motivation to help stay on your track, nobody else’s.

Tools and techniques from the Management 3.0 Community help me calibrate my behavior as a leader and give me an actionable outcome that I can apply in my organization. The discussions we have among community members are invaluable because they help me navigate my current challenges.
-Jed Gorka, Scrum Master, United Kingdom

The Management 3.0 Community gave me the keys to being the manager I want to be. In the community, you’ll find a fun, playful, and pragmatic environment, a safe space to learn, practice, and share, and people with a great mindset!
-Carine Assaf, International Procurement Supervisor at Societe Generale, France

The Management 3.0 Community is a source of inspiration and energy for me. It helps me break out of the echo-chamber of my company and aligns with my core beliefs. I can easily apply the ideas from the community to my day-to-day work and create value for my team. Plus, I get to make new friends!
-Jason Allan, Chapter Leader at Schneider Electric, Canada

About our Members

Meet our amazing Management 3.0 Community members:

  • 50+ countries spanning all continents!
  • Working in Tech, Financial services, Healthcare, Energy, Hospitality, etc.
  • 15% aren’t formal leaders – leadership is a team effort!
  • From fresh starters to seasoned pros.
  • Scrum Masters, Agile Coaches, Team Leaders, Entrepreneurs, Change Managers, etc.
  • United by the drive to make a difference wherever we are!

The Management 3.0 Membership Community is a fit for you if you:

  • Are curious about experimenting with new leadership ideas and pushing boundaries;
  • Want to connect to spark creativity and lighten the daily load;
  • Crave a space to embrace your fun and playful side;
  • Believe growth and learning are the mindsets for accomplishment;
  • Are looking for diverse and out-of-the-box contributions;
  • Know that co-creation and positive change are all about giving back to others.

Joining the Management 3.0 Community has helped me make a difference in my work and the community because it provides a safe and inclusive space to discuss leadership challenges. The community has accelerated my learning, revealing new applications of Management 3.0 practices while also enriching my professional endeavors and sparking creativity in problem-solving. The diverse perspectives of its global members have broadened my horizons and contributed to my personal and professional growth.
-Déborah Lage Alvarenga, Management Consultant, Brazil

What happens exactly?

Awesome Curious Leaders

Find like-minded people with our curated community of awesome, curious, and focused leaders. Connect deeply through monthly 1×1 matches and quarterly cohort-based programs.

Fun and Inspiring Events

Benefit from carefully designed, practice-focused, and thought-provoking events each month. Attend, watch, and lead workshops and webinars.

Private and Moderated Platform

Access an exciting private platform with a full-on dedicated community team to hype you and help with your day-to-day leadership learnings (mistakes and all!).

Library of Resources

Browse through an ever-growing library of resources to accelerate your learning journey and feed your curious mindset.

Perks and Goodies

Get exclusive access to discounts and benefits on other Management 3.0 products.

Are you ready?

We offer a customized pricing system to accommodate and respect our diverse audience. Our pricing considers varying living costs in different regions. Once you’ve chosen your country of residence, you’ll see the membership fee tailored to your location.

The Management3.0 Community instantly became my go-to hub for connecting with like-minded individuals who share a can-do mentality and a genuine desire to support others, no strings attached. This is more than just a community; it’s a beacon of inspiration and support for anyone striving to embrace agile principles and drive positive change. Thank you, Management 3.0, for being such a transformative force!
-Kim Hinsch, Agile Master @ BMW, The Netherlands

Community FAQ

Why should I become a member?
You should become a member if you are a leader who blends curiosity and focus in your pursuit of personal and professional growth. Also, if you are the kind of leader who embraces challenges as opportunities for growth, constantly learning and seeking innovative solutions. We come together to connect with like-minded people who want to make a difference in themselves and in the systems they are part of at work, at home, and in society.
Do I have to be a team leader to become a member?
No. At Management 3.0, we believe management is too important to be left to managers and that leadership is a shared responsibility. Practicing this mindset will help you be a better team member and individual contributor.
Do I need to have attended an official Management 3.0 workshop before joining?
No! It doesn’t matter if you’ve just learned about Management 3.0 or if you’ve been practicing it for a while – there’s a place for you in the community. More important than existing knowledge is the desire to learn and share.
What’s the the community’s official language?
All of our live events and platform discussions are in English. We’re an international community that values diverse cultural perspectives – no matter your level of English, we want to hear yours. The one-to-one conversations facilitated by our Match Program can be held in any language the two members can speak. Spanish, Portuguese, German, and French are the most common idioms beyond English.
Can I cancel my subscription?
We’ll be sad but you can, of course! You are free to cancel your subscription at any time; however, we do not offer refunds.

We come together to connect with like-minded people who want to make a difference in themselves and in the systems they are part of at work, at home, and in society. 💙