Training Consultancy  License

Our Training Consultancy License gives you the ability to deliver the Management 3.0 workshops to your clients, which can improve participant engagement and expand your offering to retain and grow your business by meeting their needs.

Management 3.0 Training Consultancy Licenses

As a training consultancy, you can help your clients with their rapidly changing business environment by creating solutions for more effective leadership, employee engagement and happiness. There are many parts to an organization that affect your clients in achieving their goals. This demands organizations to do things differently or better.

Organizational goals that require our clients to change

  • Drive Innovation
  • Boost happiness at work
  • Delight customers
  • Enhance productivity
  • Improve decision making
  • Improve collaboration
  • Foster learning and agility
  • Navigate complexity
  • Optimize talent management
  • Mitigate risks
  • Revitalize performance management
  • Integrate agile practices
  • Drive culture change
  • Adapt to market conditions

Whatever your client needs, Management 3.0 offers a unique package for success:

Training Company License Package
Training Company License Package

What You Get with a Training Consultancy License

  • Certification: You can help your clients compete for talent, retain staff and enhance their company brand by offering career progression and greater employee wellbeing and engagement. Whether it’s helping people to access our ‘Certificate of Practice’ or providing your attendees with the ‘Certificate of Attendance’ of your workshops, you can offer people a pathway to progression.
  • Access to our courseware and global facilitator network: Content and workshop material, including illustrations, slides, graphic recordings and miro templates for interactive learning available in many languages.
  • Discounted Community Membership, that is about action and practice! Your clients’ learners can ask for advice, share successes and practice with others in a safe space within monthly peer-to-peer live sessions, a private community platform and a leadership gym.
  • Transferable facilitator licenses: Unlike individual licenses, company bound licenses can be transferred to another facilitator in case of a project change or a trainer embarks on a new adventure. This means you don’t lose the license you’ve paid for, offering you a higher level of flexibility, control and reduced risk.
  • Specific onboarding and account manager access: Personalized payment terms and administration level access to our systems to better manage your workshops and delivery teams.
  • Free tickets to Management 3.0 conferences, our interactive events, that bring together leaders of large corporations and learning professionals to help create happier individuals and more successful organizations.
  • Optional webshop vouchers for merchandise and workshop materials and much more….

Training Consultancies That Already Work with Us

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