Management 3.0

Who Are We and What do We Value?

Management 3.0 is a truly international, global and fully remote company. Founded by Jurgen Appelo we focus on helping organizations have better leaders and less managers.

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Redefining leadership to create happier people and successful organizations.

Management 3.0 Purpose

Probably the most important thing about the way we operate as a team is that we don’t only practice what we preach, we embody it.

Our 100% remote team works from locations all over the world. We have no set working hours, unlimited vacation and no hierarchy. We are a self-organizing, self-managing group of people, who are passionate about what we do.

The way we work also means that we have to rely on a lot of tools. We are huge Slack users as well as Trello and Zoom fans, the latter of which we use for face to face video chats at least once a week during our Friday meetings.

So why are we telling you all of this?

Because transparency is one of our strongest values. As a team and as a company, we like to be as open and honest as we can with each other, our shareholders, community members and everyone who believes in what Management 3.0 has to offer. As a result we believe in financial transparency publishing our revenue streams including our wins and losses. We’ve taped and aired some company uncomfortable conversations and always try to include all stakeholders in what we’re doing, why we’re doing it and where we’re going.

Our salaries are out in the open as well. Each month, every member chooses what commitment level they feel they can do based on how many days a week they can commit to. We are all freelancers. Only one team member works full time for the company, the rest are people working with multiple clients. Our commitment levels scale from 20 percent up to 100 percent and so everyone chooses the level that fits their situation.

Salaries are calculated using a simple formula: (base salary) x (commitment level)%. We also do not distinguish the role you play, you don’t have to fit into a box. In fact, we create our own titles based on how we see ourselves.

In addition to salaries, we use the merit money system in order to share and show our appreciation for our colleagues’ work. Peer-to-peer recognition is something Jurgen speaks about extensively as one of the best ways to foster motivation and properly reward teammates.

Each month we get 100 points to distribute among team members, via When the company makes a profit, points are converted to money, which is paid out during the year. Each month we roll the dice and if it lands on six we get lucky.

The unique part is that each time we give points to someone we have to connect it to one of our values. Our team has chosen ten values, which we feel are important to us including: Accountability, Pro-Activity, Trust, Focus, Fun, Collaboration, Ambition, Flexibility. These values are the backbone of who we are as a team and a constant reminder of what’s important to us when interacting with each other and stakeholders.

Hear us speak

You can book representatives of the Management 3.0 team to speak on your stage.

If impulses about agile leadership, happiness at work and how to use tangible tools to initiate  conversations about redefining leadership sound like a valuable addition to your conference, reach out to the team via info [at]

We’ll be using this page to keep you in the loop in terms of the latest Management 3.0 developments. If we change strategies, have a financial update, have to air any hard chats between colleagues, we’ll do it here and strive to keep you as informed as transparently as we can.

Transparency Dashboard

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