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As you might have noticed while browsing through our website, the team behind Management 3.0 is quite a small team. This means, while we are always happy to hear from you, while we welcome your questions and suggestions, we need to filter them to maintain a good response time.

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We have tried to collect the most frequent questions we receive in our FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions page. Whenever you have a question please make sure to check the FAQ page first. We have collected to FAQ answers for questions around workshops, licenses, our web shop and orders, conferences, sponsorships, and much more.

If you cannot find an answer to your question from our FAQ page, you can submit a new support request from the FAQ page.

I want to contact you because I have an article for you

If you want to get in touch with us to submit an article to our blog, we kindly ask you to read our guest post guidelines first and then apply through the form provided.

Please use the same form if you want to suggest a speaker for our podcast or our monthly seminar series. Please understand we do not accept unsolicited submissions.

I want to contact you because I want to book a workshop

On our website, you can find the list of workshops organized by our facilitators all around the world. On the facilitator profile pages, you can find their contact information in case you want to know more about a specific workshop or want to request an in-house workshop.