EI in the Workplace : Better Management with Emotional Intelligence

Management 3.0 Module: Emotional Intelligence

How can we connect with others? How well can we articulate what we’re feeling? How in control are we of our emotions? And what would it look like if we were able to accurately understand what people around us were thinking, feeling and wanting?

Emotional Intelligence

In this Management 3.0 Module we look into Emotional Intelligence and how understanding our own emotions can make us more effective and successful managers and leaders.

We delve into what Emotional Intelligence is all about and why it’s become such a hot topic recently. We look into how developing Emotional Intelligence can help us succeed and why it is important. We explain how when we’re in touch with our emotions we’re at choice.

Emotional Intelligence makes or breaks a team’s performance as well as a leader’s ability to effectively lead others during challenging times.

Furthermore this modules looks into the three core capacities that comprise Emotional Intelligence as well as the different types of empathy and the characteristics of Emotionally Intelligent People. Last but not least, you will learn more about the steps to develop your Emotional Intelligence because this is something that can be learned, you don’t need to be born with it!

Preview of the new Emotional Intelligence module

Our EQ can enhance as much as we’re willing to put into developing it!

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