Change Management Game
(English version)


  • 34 cards with Change Management questions
  • Packed in a nice box

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What does it take to change the world? How can you change a social complex system? It only takes 34 questions to find the answers.

Originally published in Jurgen Appelo’s, How to Change the World, the 90-page booklet is a fun way to share stories of successful change management processes.

Playing the Change Management Game will force you to:

  • Consider the system
  • Consider the individuals
  • Consider the interactions
  • Consider the environment

The Power of Questions

This game doesn’t give you answers. It raises questions. Why? Because questions force us to self-reflect. Questions make us take a step back, look inwards and delve into why we do what we do.

Questions make us dig deep and often into things that we don’t want to discuss or things that we’ve been avoiding or trying to ignore.

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