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At Management 3.0 we’re not about talk, we’re about action. The best way to not only learn, but to absorb information and adopt new practices is by having fun experimenting. Our practical, hands on and tangible tools and games are the best way to foster transformational change within teams, companies and even on a personal level.

Kudo Cards

Give a gesture of thanks, show someone you care, acknowledge that you appreciate someone’s efforts

Kudo Cards
“Recognition and appreciation are crucial for the way we work. To strengthen our principles of leadership and a collaborative company culture, we began using Kudo Cards to show our appreciation for each other. The practice quickly caught on.” (Agile Transformation team at Bosch Power Tools)

Moving Motivators

Find out what really motivates yourself, your team and your boss with this awesome card set

Moving Motivators
“The great advantage of this card set is that you can engage an employee / a candidate in a discussion about what matters most: The motivators that are driving his/her behaviour without going in a pseudo-psycho analysis discussion.” (Swiss affiliate of a large German IT service provider)

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Delegation Poker

Clarify who’s responsible for what and foster an environment of empowerment for everyone on the team

Delegation Poker
“I first used these cards in an Agile Management 3.0 training; now I use them to train my management team. They are easy to use and you can easily clarify the delegation styles and the different approaches.” (Jeroen van Hertum, operations director at Strypes ICT)

Personal Maps

How well do you know your colleagues? Find out what makes each other tick by creating a personal map

Personal Map
“Sharing my personal map with my team made me feel closer to them in that I felt that they understood me better as a person. As a result we ended up collaborating and working together on a deeper level.” (Management 3.0 workshop attendee)

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More Management 3.0 Practices & Games

The above is just a taste of our hands-on practices. Check out the below options for a lot more practical tools to help create transformational change within your companies.

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If you have experimented yourself with and shared your experience of seven or more practices, you may qualify for a Certificate of Practice, one of the ways to become a licensed facilitator.