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Management 3.0 Practices

At Management 3.0 we’re not about talk, we’re about action. The best way to not only learn, but to absorb information and adopt new practices is by having fun experimenting. Our practical, hands on and tangible tools and management games are the best way to foster transformational change within teams, companies and even on a personal level as well as to increase employee motivation.

Kudo Cards

Give a gesture of thanks, show someone you care, acknowledge that you appreciate someone’s efforts

Kudo Cards

Kudo Cards are available in our shop
and for free download.

Moving Motivators

Find out what really motivates yourself, your team and your boss with this awesome card set

Moving Motivators

Moving Motivators are available in our shop
and for free download.

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Delegation Poker

Clarify who’s responsible for what and foster an environment of empowerment for everyone on the team

Improv Cards (Storytelling Cards)

Delegation Poker is available in our shop
and for free download.

Change Management Game

It only takes 34 questions to change the world! A fun way to share stories of successful change management processes

Change Management Game - Management 3.0

This game is available in our shop
and for free download.

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to play with your team and improve collaboration? 

Meddlers Game

Facilitate discussions about organizational structures where multiple teams are working on multiple projects

Meddlers Game

This game is available in our shop.

Personal Maps

How well do you know your colleagues? Find out what makes each other tick by creating a personal map

Personal Map

Management 3.0 Supporter Badge

Join our Community of Practice – become a Management 3.0 Supporter! Share your experiences and hands-on practices with like-minded people who are in the middle of creating transformational change at their companies. Learn more about becoming a Management 3.0 Supporter

More Management 3.0 Practices & Games

The above is just a taste of our hands-on practices. Check out the below options for a lot more practical leadership tools to help create transformational change within your organization as well as drive employee engagement .


12 Steps to Happiness
(Download the poster for free)

Icon Diversity Index

Diversity Index
(Download the free template)

Learn how to use the practices during a Management 3.0 workshop. Find one near you.

Niko Niko Calendar

Niko-Niko Calendar
(Download the free template)

Management 3.0 Practitioner

If you have experimented yourself with and shared your experience of seven or more practices, you may qualify for a Certificate of Practice, one of the ways to become a licensed Management 3.0 Facilitator.

Team Decision Matrix

Team Decision Matrix
(Download the cards for free)


Value Stories
(Download our free big values list)

Virtual Backgrounds

Download our collection of eight Management 3.0 video chat backgrounds! Using them, you can share your favorite Management 3.0 principle – such as how to ‘Improve everything’ for your next Retro, or just choose something fun to look at without giving away too much of your privacy.

Introducing a new Management 3.0 Practice

You created a new or discovered a practice and think it could become a Management 3.0 Practice, what next?

First reach out to the Management 3.0 Team to share your idea. Sometimes a practice will be completely new, sometimes a combination of existing practices, and sometimes it is an existing practice, like OKRs, that you believe should be part of our practices. We will check if the practice is in-line with the Management 3.0 principles and is a fit with our other practices. Does it maybe connect to an existing module, or to other already existing practices?

If we all believe it is a good idea, we will create a practice page. A page that describes the practices, and how it can be used. We will also see if we can connect it to an existing module, and if necessary, update the module. 

If there are materials involved, we will also make sure they comply with our Management 3.0 style.

Searching for tools for specific situations?

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You know feedback is important. But which tools could you try to improve feedback in your organization? Feedback Techniques & Methods

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