Management 3.0 Practices: Feedback Wraps

How to Offer Constructive Feedback

“More and more employees enjoy freedom in their workplaces, and vacation days, while some even have complete freedom in a trust-only work environment. This means face-time between coworkers happens less often and we must learn to give each other constructive feedback in a way that is fast, easy, and… written.”

This chapter of management guru Jurgen Appelo’s Managing for Happiness starts off by addressing a challenge many of us are trying to overcome with our teams today: giving actionable feedback. Forget the compliment sandwich and try the Feedback Wrap!

Annual and quarterly performance appraisals are rather useless, out of context and are dreaded by both sides, like a student in a principal’s office. Just like we need alternatives to the old annual bonus system,

feedback wrap colorFollow these important rules of feedback:

  1. Describe your context.
  2. List your observations.
  3. Express your emotions.
  4. Sort by value.
  5. End with suggestions.
  6. Keep it written.

The feedback wrap is a part of an entire trust-only environment that is essential to the transparent future of work. The feedback wrap helps people focus on both personal improvement and systematic improvement.

“Do you want a feel-good book about management? Enjoy reading ‘Management 3.0.’ Every chapter is full of aha moments. I read it in public transport, and I reached the office with a smile and great ideas to improve the workplace.” – JEANNE ESTELLE THEBAULT, president of the Montreal IIBA Chapter

Management 3.0 in Action: More Feedback Wrap tips & case stories

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