Management 3.0 Practices: Feedback Wraps

How to Offer Constructive Feedback

“Since learning about Feedback Wraps, I have used it regularly with excellent results. What I’ve particularly found helpful is to draft my thoughts out in advance, and then deliver them in person. Not following the ‘Script’ so much, but improvising with a general idea of what I feel I need to say.”
– ANDY CLEFF, agile coach, Comcast

Forget the compliment sandwich and try the Feedback Wrap! This Management 3.0 Practice addresses a challenge many of us are trying to overcome with our teams today: giving actionable feedback, the kind that leads to positive, self-motivated action, not disgruntled teammates.

Annual and quarterly performance appraisals are rather useless, out of context and are dreaded by both sides, like a student in a principal’s office. Just like we need alternatives to the old annual bonus system, we need to dramatically improve how we give employee feedback.

Follow these important rules of feedback:

  1. Describe your context.
  2. List your observations.
  3. Express your emotions.
  4. Sort by value.
  5. End with suggestions.
  6. Keep it written.

The feedback wrap is a part of an entire trust-only environment that is essential to the transparent future of work. The feedback wrap helps people focus on both personal improvement and systematic improvement.

Management 3.0 in Action: More Feedback Wrap tips & case stories

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