Kudo Cards (English version)


  • 350 colorful appreciation cards
  • 50 cards in 7 different designs
  • Printed on high-quality paper
  • Back reference to Management 3.0

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Do you want to nurture intrinsic motivation within your team? Do you want everyone to be able to recognize anybody? Do you want to make a positive change movement in your organization. Try building yourself a Kudo Box and offering your whole team the opportunity to say “Thank You!” and “Great Job!” with Kudo Cards! Also called Rippas and simply thank you notes in other organization, kudo cards are where you can publicly acknowledge the hard work and team collaboration of your colleagues. Then, you can use them as a way to give away random prizes or just an excuse to have cake at the office, while you read the recognition aloud!

We have 115+ people working here. The last year the company grew quite fast, we almost doubled in size. And although we are still very much agile, we noticed that some things started to be different. We felt something had to change. Starting last Christmas we now hand out a couple of Kudo Cards to everyone every month. ROBERT MISCH, Gutefrage web designers


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