Delegation Poker cards
(English version)


  • 49 cards (7 colorful cards per set, 7 sets in one package)
  • Packed in a nice cardboard box


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Is your team ready for self-organization? Delegation Poker is a way for you and your team to implement the Seven Levels of Delegation. Together, you not only decide who does what, but to what extent does the decision-making power lie with each teammate, dependent upon the task or project. This surprisingly fun game is a great way to increase employee empowerment. Make sure someone takes notes or puts it up on a semi-permanent board in the office, so you are all on the same page!

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I introduced your Delegation Poker to my project team. It helped a lot in our process of defining new responsibilities which we as a team can agree too. Now it is the base of discussion with our bosses. Even my boss understood it, he said, ‘That can be easily migrated to the RACI Matrix’. Team leader, Ortrun offshoring

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