Motivating and Engaging Workers

Management 3.0 Module: Motivation and Engagement

Business leaders and human resource managers consider the “lack of employee engagement” one of their top priorities. But why do many workers not feel engaged? This module is about motivation and engagement in the workplace.

Thinking frog

Technically we cannot make people feel motivated or engaged, but we can certainly set up the right conditions that will maximize the probability that it will happen (even though success is never certain). Managers are responsible for making engagement a built-in property of the organization.

The CHAMPFROGS model deals specifically with motivation in the context of work-life. It consists of ten motivators that are either intrinsic, extrinsic, or a bit of both.

Before we delve in, let’s better understand what intrinsic and extrinsic motivation is.

  • Intrinsic motivation: People’s eagerness for self-control and an innate desire to do well, using self-direction to accomplish objectives. This is what author of Managing for Happiness, Jurgen Appelo says. Intrinsic motivation is about fulfilling our basic desires. 
  • Extrinsic Motivation: These includes external things like bonuses and payments

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  1. Curiosity
  2. Honor
  3. Acceptance
  4. Mastery
  5. Power
  6. Freedom
  7. Relatedness
  8. Order
  9. Goal
  10. Status

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What you can expect in this module

A preview of the Motivation and Engagement module’s slides:

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