“Happiness is what to you?….Fill in that sentence.” This is the burning question we kick off each of our podcast episodes with. One of the only shows of its kind, our Management 3.0., Happiness at Work podcast is an intimate look at how successful leaders, managers, authors, entrepreneurs and influencers embody, embrace and value happiness.

This a ‘no fluff’ approach to the essence of what it looks like to not only be happy but to make living happiness a priority, in any sector, in any part of the world and no matter who you are. We have new podcast episodes every fortnight, so subscribe and get the latest shows as they air. And if you like what you hear, leave a comment and a rating it helps increase our ranking so we can spread the happiness!

Best podcast ever! Changed my life. An incredible podcast with essential information that really resonated with me, especially being a recent college graduate. It’s a great tool and perspective on creating better and more fulfilling experiences, not only in the workplace, but in personal aspects as well. Rating by dmcee4 on iTunes