People don’t mind change, but people don’t like to be changed.

Change Management Module

We are living in a fast-changing world (VUCA). To survive, we and our organizations have to inspect and adapt. Quite often this ends in profound changes in the way we are working and organizing ourselves, it changes structures and processes, and business models have to be adapted to new requirements. Also, people have to adapt.

This module is about change management in organizations and how you can support change initiatives. It’s highly relevant for Change Managers & Consultants as well as Scrum Masters & Agile Coaches but also people working in Human Resources.

What will you learn?

  • What great change experiences have in common
  • Reasons why people resist change and what to do against it
  • Approach for how to communicate why the change initiative is essential
  • The difference of adaptive and transformational organizations and what role they play in change initiatives
  • An introduction into the Management 3.0 Change Approach including strategies on picking up people for your change initiative
  • The importance of experimenting for the successful implementation of any change initiative
  • PLUS: Lots of tangible questions for you and your change team
Management 3.0 Change Management
Management 3.0 Change Management

Change Management Tools & Practices

icon change management game

How to play the Change Management Game and facilitate play session to support change initiatives in your organization.


How to use the Celebration Grid to regularly look at all the actions taken.

An adaptive organization only responds to changes while a transformational organization thrives on changes.

Organizational Change Management

What will we discuss in this module?

  • Do people fear change?
  • What are the reasons people resist change?
  • What if people can’t accept or deal with the changes anymore?
  • How much change can organizations process?
Change Management-Sketchnotes
Summary of the Management 3.0 Change Management Module

The Change Management module is part of the following workshops:

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More Change Management Resources on Management 3.0

Good to know: The Change Management module is part of the Management 3.0 courseware. It belongs to How to Improve Everything, the view that also serves the modules Change Management Advanced, Success and Failure as well as Creativity & Innovation

What is Change Management?

Change Management can be seen as a proactive and ongoing process of facilitating and adapting to change within an organization. It involves recognizing the need for change, understanding its impact, and guiding individuals and teams through the transition.

All management (and leadership) is change management.

Change Management Models

In our Change Management Module we discuss the Change Management Supermodel (Management 3.0 Change Approach) that brings together the best of the best ingredients from various change management processes:

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