Change Management

Change Agent

People don’t mind change, but people don’t like to be changed.

We are living in a fast-changing world (VUCA). To survive, we and our organizations have to inspect and adapt. Quite often this ends in profound changes in the way we are working and organizing ourselves, it changes structures and processes, and business models have to be adapted to new requirements. Also, people have to adapt.

This module ist about change management in organizations and how you can support change initiatives. It’s highly relevant for Change Managers & Consultants as well as Scrum Masters & Agile Coaches but also people working in Human Resources.

Questions on Change Management Initiatives to be discusses in this module

Why do some people fear change?

How much change can organizations process? Will there come a time with less change?

What if people can’t accept or deal with the changes anymore? Can we expect the same from old people as young people?

An adaptive organization only responds to changes while a transformational organization thrives on changes.

What will you learn in the Change Management module?

Within the Change Management module you will discuss four different models that you can use to realize change:

Management 3.0 Change Model
PDCA, ADKAR®, Adoption Curve Model and the Five I’s model

You will learn how to support a complex adaptive system during a change and hear more about the importance of making sure people are supported during a change project. You will be introduced to different strategies to support people who have a different acceptance of a change and see why changing the environment can help you to change behavior of people to support a change. The need for creating a fail-safe environment when realizing change.

Furthermore you will play the Change Management Game and learn how this game helps support your change initiative.

At a Management 3.0 Workshop, you will learn, among other things, change management processes and how to affect and influence change and transformation in your organization. And you won’t just learn it from the awesome Management 3.0 Facilitators, you will learn it from your peers as you share stories and experiences.

More Change Management Resources on Management 3.0

Further resources:

The Change Management module is part of the Management 3.0 courseware. It belongs to How to Improve Everything, the view that also serves the modules Success and Failure as well as Creativity & Innovation.

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