How does Management 3.0 look when implemented across an organization?

Case Stories

Want to see how Management 3.0 works out in the jungle? We wanted to make sure that you have all the examples of how Management 3.0 agile leadership and change management practices work (and sometimes don’t work) with real-world teams. Here we present to you the change agents in the making talking about their experiences, each in a management case study below.

Written Management 3.0 Case Studies

At Bosch Power Tools Management 3.0 practices are used by the Agile Transformation team in order to support scaling agile. “We see the positive effects of those practices in our culture every day”, they say. Read on to learn how Kudo Cards and Delegation Poker has helped Bosch Power Tools’ culture.

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By playing Moving Motivators Jonathan Rodriguez, Agile Coach at Eventbrite, was able to help a person in her/his career based on their motivations. He describes his experience with Management 3.0 as “wonderful because I believe in the principles behind these practices”. Read on to learn more about how Eventbrite is benefiting from using Management 3.0 practices.

Management 3.0 Facilitator Dominik Maximini has written a book about how the company he is working for, NovaTec, applied Management 3.0 practices and principles on their agile transformation journey. Find the book Agile Leadership in Practice: Applying Management 3.0 on Amazon or in your local bookstore.

As a Management 3.0 Supporter you have access to a sample chapter of Dominik’s book.

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Read in our blog how Valerio Alba after participating in the Management 3.0 workshop uses the Management 3.0 practice of Delegation Board and Celebration Grid and what being a change agent really means to him.

CSS Insurance

CSS Insurance is the leading public and private healthcare insurance company in Switzerland. Learn how this company is using Management 3.0 Practices in Business and in which experiments they failed: How CSS Insurance implemented agile management across the organization

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For nine months, from April to December 2017, Knowledge21 has experimented with Merit Money, enabling their Agile Coaches to experience how it works and draw their own conclusions. How it went? Read on.

Other companies using Management 3.0 practices to improve their organizational culture and employee engagement:

Management 3.0 Video Case Studies

Watch this 16-minute video management case study with Thomas Kuryura of Brazil’s Just Digital software company. Learn how they’ve implemented Management 3.0 practices of Kudo Cards,  Merit Money, Business Guilds and Moving Motivators across cross-functional teams. Just Digital’s learning experience teaches us a lot about transparency and trust in companies.

Watch this 11-minute management case study on how Silvan Schaer to learn how he used Moving Motivators to identify and nurture intrinsic motivation during change management in his 150-person scrum development team at the Bison Group.

Watch this 15-minute management case study on how Ivo van Halen implements Management 3.0 principles to increase employee engagement and feedback, including the Celebration Grid, Delegation Poker and Slack Time.

In this 15-minute management case study video, Juan Gabardini from Kleer Agile Coaching talks about how to use the Management 3.0 exercise of Improv Cards to spark team collaboration and start-up communication. Gabardini goes into where the tension can grow, twists and changes, conflicts, structure of communications, and how his team and his clients use the Improv cards for one-on-one conversations or pairs to open discussion.

In this 18-minute management case studyDamian Fasciani from talks about how this growing business can overcome the challenges of international start-up expansion, particularly with using cloud-based team collaboration tools and agile management. Fasciani talks about Management 3.0, particularly on themes of monitoring workplace sentiment and employee satisfaction, opening regular communication, and getting to the heart of how leaders can enable people in a team, all the while driving productivity and accountability.

In this 12-minute management case study, Johan Nyberg from KnowIt management consulting team in Sweden, talks about how he uses Work Expo to make sure his team was focused on purpose.

We are excited to have dozens and dozens of Management 3.0 case stories pouring in, giving examples of how various companies in various industries are working to apply and adapt our practices. We’d love to hear yours too!

Then, when you gather seven or more stories, you can apply for a Management 3.0 Certificate of Practice which can be applied to a Management 3.0 facilitator’s license. Plus, either way, we are really excited to share your stories forward on our website and across social media, where people can apply and adapt your techniques!

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