Meddlers Game
(English version)


  • 4 sheets of cardstock with teams/units Red and teams/units Pink
  • 4 sheets of cardstock with team/units Blue and team/units Orange
  • 120 punch-out, perforated face-tiles, 30 different faces (“individuals”)
  • 125 punch-out, perforated hats, 25 different styles (“roles”)
  • English Manual
  • 20 printed legends (You can download them here from our website when you need more)
  • No cutting required; you will be able to play the game within 15 minutes

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Meddlers, named after the popular German board game, is a popular change management best practice played at the Management 3.0 Foundation Workshops. Organizational structure significantly impacts how an organization works and how people feel about that hierarchy and the communication it encourages or hinders. The game allows players to visualize and discuss organizational structure, in a way that matches the concept of value networks.

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