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Since inception in 2010, Management 3.0 has become a global movement. To date, more than 450 Management 3.0 Facilitators worldwide are changing the face of leadership by providing hands-on workshops, which focus on tangible practices to help managers, team leaders, middle management and C-level executives increase employee engagement and foster transformational change within their organizations.

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Each Management 3.0 workshop is targeted at helping individuals and organizations improve their approach to management.


Who participates in Management 3.0 workshops? 

Each Management 3.0 Workshop is targeted to one specific group of people: those focused on improving their approach to management. These are the people who recognize that there is not enough employee engagement and team collaboration in their organization. These are the people who won’t just complain, but are looking for proactive solutions to change management processes.


Management 3.0 Workshops

Management 3.0 Foundation Workshop

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The Foundation Workshop is our main workshop format. This is where you learn all the basics of Management 3.0.

Our Facilitators offer them all over the world as open workshops or in-house workshops for your company.

Typically the Foundation Workshop lasts at least two days (minimum 16 hours).

For attending a Foundation Workshop you’ll receive a Certificate of Attendance which will allow you to become facilitator also.

Agile Talent (ICP-TAL) by Management 3.0

Management 3.0 Agile Talent Badge

The popular Management 3.0 Foundation Workshop with additional content and ICAgile accreditation.

In this Agile Talent workshop by Management 3.0 business partners, personnel developers, recruiters and others who work in or closely with human resources, will learn about the Agile mindset, organizational design, roles, career paths, performance, goals & motivation, promotions, talent acquisition and retention as well as learning and development.

Other Workshops

Some Facilitators also offer one-day Workout Workshops which concentrate on the practices, others give one-hour introductions or online workshops you can register for.


In our Management 3.0 Academy you can register for e-learning courses. You can take those courses at any time from anywhere. Learn more about Management 3.0 Academy

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