Transformation Programs

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Management 3.0 Transformation Programs

The companies or teams that can transform quickly and effectively, without harming employee engagement or happiness, are the ones that will endure and deliver sustainable growth. 

Our transformation programs breathe new life into how change programs are delivered, which are geared towards business or cultural transformations, boosting employee happiness, and mastering people and talent management.

Management 3.0 follows the systems thinking idea that the performance of an organization is the result of the whole system, not the individual. Organizations are complex social systems and through consultancy and concrete practices, we resolve the challenges your business face.

We help examine how to analyze your system to create solutions for effective leadership and change so that organizational goals are realized.

Transformation Program

Example Goals Achieved with Management 3.0 Practices

e-NPS increased from 76 to 87

Best IT Companies to Work For in 1 Year

19% decrease in Total Time to Market

78% increase in customer satisfaction 

Increased system stability by 57% 

Reduced costs by 18%

Why Consider Management 3.0 Transformation Programs

We know when it comes to organizational change that you will have many people, processes and systems already in place. Being agile and experimental by nature, we will partner with your teams to assess and help navigate and deliver your goals in a truly Management 3.0 style!

Creating high impact is easy. We generate an approach that also measures impact and lasting change through consulting, coaching, team facilitation and nurturing your inhouse experts. This ensures that your organization’s evolution endures and works.

The brands that use Management 3.0 prove our practices are easy to implement even in larger, more complex environments. Through our global delivery team, we help sustain or provoke change and navigate agile working around existing hierarchies or processes.

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