Employee Engagement Seminars

The future of management is in conversations. Join one of ours.

We are excited to be sponsoring this thought leadership series on employee engagement, as part of building a global community around modern management. These are like webinars, except in an intimate setting where you are encouraged to ask a lot of questions, not stare at slides. A truly interactive discussion with those who’ve done it and lived to share their tales!

Each live seminar is limited to 100 attendees, so you better Save the Date and Time, to click on this link to join the live conversation or watch it streaming on our Facebook Live. Many of our guests have already been on our Happiness at Work Podcast, so listen below!

Raphael Crawford-Marks on building a culture of recognition and engagement

Raphael is CEO and cofounder of Bonusly, business software that enables employee recognition, rewards, and performance management. This tool combines Management 3.0 Practices of Merit Money, Kudos, and Core Values. Raphael is passionate about building tools and products that enable people to work more efficiently while interacting more meaningfully. Prior to founding Bonusly, he was an early employee at SquareTrade (acquired by AllState) and LookSharp (acquired by WayUp), a Peace Corps volunteer in Honduras, and an instructor for Year Up. Raphael dropped out of high school to work as a software engineer in the mid-90s, but did eventually receive his BA in Cognitive Science from Hampshire College, where he wrote his senior thesis on Artificial Intelligence.

Join Raphael on Monday, March 19, 2018 at 1830 CET/ 1230 EST.

Dave Dames on leadership agility towards self-autonomous teams

Dave has successfully led complex organizational changes that included scaling specialized resources, implementing regulatory compliance, legacy products, and scaling agile practices across large enterprises such as OpenText, PTC, and MCAP. He is well-seasoned in coaching executives, managers, and non-technical departments, as well as building up high-performing teams through teaching and mentoring. Dave joined Scotiabank in July 2016 where he focuses on engaging Scotiabankers across the organization to embrace agility and change.

Join Dave on Monday, April 16, 2018 at 1830 CET/ 1230 EST.

Shirly Ronen Harel on identifying if we’re moving in the right direction with our agile coaching

Shirly is an an agile coach and co-founder of WeChange. She and her business partner Tommy Quitt provide agile solutions using methods like Scrum, kanban, agile testing, DevOps, and agile project management. Shirly’s main interest is in the agile mindset and the people in the process of organization change. She mostly enjoys connecting people and working groups in global companies around the world. She’s led big quality management groups in the high tech industry for more then a decade before falling in love with agile and becoming an agile coach. She’s the author of the Agile Kids book and also published a personal agile coaching approach last year.

Join Shirly on Monday May 21, 2018 at 1830 CET/ 1230 EST.

Emily Duncan on virtual collaboration platforms

Emily is a New York-based writer, comedian and marketing manager at Zillable, an enterprise collaboration platform. Emily’s discussion — which is sure to be a hoot — is about working together online using collaboration platforms to connect with your teammates and collaborators, even when you’re on opposite ends of the world. Together you can answer: How do you innovate on a remote team?

Join Emily on Monday June 18, 2018 at 1830 CET/ 1230 EST.

Watch some previous Employee Engagement Seminars

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Hope to see you at a thought leadership seminar soon!

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