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Local Groups and Meetups

Get together and change the world!

It’s a global management revolution! People are gathering around the world, separate from or addition to our own Management 3.0 Workshops, sharing their passion for employee empowerment and great change management!

Why don’t you join them, or start your own? And check back at our Events Page for more local events!


BangalorePune, India

Berlin, Germany (Meetup)

Colombia, South America (Meetup)

Frankfurt, Germany (Xing)

Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, U.S. (Meetup)

Helsinki, Finland (Meetup)

Krakow, Poland (Meetup)

London, United Kingdom (Meetup)

Munich, Germany (Xing)

Noida, NCR, Delhi, India (Meetup)

Paris, France (Meetup)

Recife, Brazil

São Paulo, Brazil

’s-HertogenboschThe Netherlands (Meetup)

Warsaw, Poland (Meetup)

Wellington, New Zealand (Meetup)

Wroclaw, Poland (Meetup)

Do you hold a regular meet-up that we don’t know about? Tell us!


Photos courtesy of the Helsinki Meetup

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