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Local Groups and Meetups

Experiment, play, and improve employee engagement together!

We are proud of our enthusiastic off and online community, and want to see it continue to grow!

Management 3.0 facilitators, practitioners, and enthusiasts are often invited to speak at events and to share their experiences applying our Toolkit for Modern Management. We encourage them to also share their community meetings and conferences on our events page.

Are you looking for us to sponsor an event? Or perhaps you want to give away tickets to our awesome and large social media following or newsletter community? Feel free to contact us! Want awesome speakers? Look for facilitators near you!


Regular Local Management 3.0 Community Meetups

BangalorePune, India

Berlin, Germany

Colombia, South America

Frankfurt, Germany

Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, U.S.

Helsinki, Finland

Krakow, Poland

London, United Kingdom

Madrid, Spain

Munich, Germany

Noida, NCR, Delhi, India

Nuremberg, Germany

Paris, France

Recife, Brazil

São Paulo, Brazil

’s-HertogenboschThe Netherlands

Tokyo, Japan

Warsaw, Poland

Wellington, New Zealand

Wroclaw, Poland

Do you hold a regular meet-up that we don’t know about? Tell us!


Photos courtesy of the Helsinki Meetup

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