Management 3.0 Audiences

What kind of people sign up for Management 3.0 courses?

Who should attend a leadership course? Anyone who wants to influence change management and increase employee engagement has the ability to attend a Management 3.0 workshop.

Much of our Management 3.0 workshops include storytelling from employees and managers sharing their own experiences. Because of this, each Management 3.0 leadership course is different as each person that wants to change management is different.

Realizing all of this, Management 3.0 facilitators work to customize each course based on the attendees and their needs. However, there are groups of people who tend to gravitate to our brand of change management, and thus we offer some insight into what happens at those industry or sector-specific workshops.

Management 3.0 Audiences often include:


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Management 3.0 workshops are all about hands-on practices, based on the latest leadership insights and management principles.

But wait, a workshop? Isn’t that about boring days filled with awkward conversations with total strangers?

Don’t worry! In Management 3.0 workshops you will enjoy entertaining exercises and have inspiring conversations.

Attendees often tell us they feel a sense of belonging when they find out they are not alone in trying to improve their organizations.

The Management 3.0 workshops are about enthusiasm and experiments. About sharing, caring and exploring.

We want people to enjoy a fantastic couple of days while helping them to become better managers and better creative workers.

We do that by offering actionable practices that you can use right away.

Are you ready to make a difference while having a great time?

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