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A Practical Introduction to OKRs

Wednesday 12th of June 2024 • 09:00
Timezone: Europe / Amsterdam
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Online Workshop Timezone:
Europe / Amsterdam

Spoken language:

Materials language: English

Hours Total / Per Day:
8 / 8


How can we set strategic organizational and team goals, which are measurable and data-driven?

How can we create a culture of continuous delivery and continuous learning?

In a world of constant change and technological innovation, where volatility and response time become a survival factor in organizations, companies are looking for new ways to respond to these changes, including new practices and models. The Practical Introduction to OKRs - Objectives and Key Results - workshop covers the practical aspects of goal-setting and goal alignment in an adaptive networked organization.

After this workshop, you will have a solid foundation of skills to create strategic and team goals in your organisation:

  • Describe the key differences between a traditional goal-setting and the OKRs practice

  • Identify a better approach to goal-setting based on continous learning and adapting to the complex, changing world

  • Actively measure progress towards strategic goals - thereby connecting operative work with strategic priorities

  • Create an environment which engages everyone in setting goals and in measuring their own progress

  • Experience hands-on practices from the OKR toolbox, originally developed by Intel and later applied by Google

  • Identify your own areas of development for your leadership using OKRs

For Whom

  • Leaders with authority and responsibility to lead organisations and people through change

  • Product-, Program-& Portfolio-Managers driving continuous value discovery and delivery

  • External and Internal Change Agents - Consultants, Agile Coaches and Mentors supporting change


  • There are no pre-requisites before attending this Practical Introduction to OKRs course.

Format of the Course

  • A 1 x full day - Live Online course, held on Zoom

  • Collaborative online learning using templates and reflection exercises on MIRO (online canvas)

  • Co-active learning: participants will be engaged to speak up, to reflect, to share in small groups

  • The language of this course will be English.
    Please email us if you would like to request a German-language course at a future date.

  • The slides and materials of the course will be in English.

Workshop outline:

  • Welcome
    Why would you like to change the approach to goal-setting in your organisation?
    What do you already know about OKRs?

  • Foundations of OKRs - Objectives and Key Results
    How are OKRs different from traditional goals?
    The 12 principles for OKR implementation - based on Management 3.0, by Jurgen Appelo
    The Purpose of OKRs
    The Format of OKRs
    Practice: Evaluate basic OKRs - Identify the Objective, the metrics (Key Results) and the Tasks

  • OKRs as frequent, dynamic learning cycles
    Typical cadence for OKRs - Plan, Grade, Review cycle
    Tips and Practice: Planning OKRs - Case study
    Examples for Vanity vs Actionable Learning metrics
    Tips and Practice: Grading OKRs - Case study
    Tips and Practice: Reviewing OKRs and Learnings - Case study
    Practice: Reflect on your OKR cadence in your organisation

  • Introducing OKRs in an Organisation
    What are enablers for a team level OKR introduction? (clear scope of team's decision-making, autonomy, analytics etc.)
    Experience from case studies: How do we scale OKRs beyond teams
    Supporting tools for an OKR introduction - live showcase
    Pitfalls of an OKR introduction

  • Course takeaways, Next Steps

What’s included

  • Live online Workshop delivery and facilitation by an experienced Business Agility Consultant and OKR coach

  • Digital learning material handouts

  • The official Management 3.0 Custom Workshop™ completion certificates (in English), issued by Management 3.0 (an organization founded by Jurgen Appelo, the author of 12 principles for metrics ecosystem - included in the training program).

  • One personal 1:1 coaching session on the course topic - of up to 50 minutes - bookable within 6 months following the program with the trainer

Your Trainer

  • Andrea Darabos is a Business Agility consultant, organisational design and leadership coach. She works with large Fortune 500 multinational organisations as well as ambitious growing middle sized teams on designing and delivering complex business changes.

    Andrea is a Certified Management 3.0 Facilitator and Practitioner since 2014, a Professional Scrum Master PSM, Professional Product Owner PSPO, and a Professional Agile Leader PAL I. and she trains and consults on these topics in the field since 15+ years.

    You can find more information and past participant feedback on Andrea Darabos's Profile here.

You can find more information and past participant feedback on your Trainer: Andrea Darabos's Profile here.

Other Important Terms and Conditions


We are committed to create an accessible learning environment. If you have any accessibility related requests or anything we can do to make your participation more convenient for you, please drop us an email.

Attendee Numbers

  • Maximum attendees: 15 people.
  • Minimum attendees: We will confirm the program and collect payment from registered participants once the minimum number of 5 registrations is reached.

Payment will be collected from registered participants as soon as we reach the minimum 5 registrations. Cancellation is possible, with

  • 100% refund 4 weeks before the training

  • 50% refund 2 weeks before the training

  • No refund within 2 week or less before the training

How much does the program cost?

  • The program goes ahead, if we reach a minimum of 5 booked participants

  • For group bookings of 3 or more people from the same organisation, please select the relevant ticket option to apply a 10% discount on the total price.

We encourage you to invite colleagues and friends from your network who would benefit from this learning experience.

How to register interest of participation?

Please email:

If you are interested in the possibilities of an in-house workshop, please contact me for training close to you. We deliver in-company trainings both online and face-to-face worldwide.

This is past event!
Thank you for the registration. Your registration has been sent to Andrea Darabos. Andrea will contact you soon to provide more info on payment and other formalities. For further questions regarding this workshop please contact Andrea directly

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