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Co-create Team Working Agreement

Wednesday 10th of July 2024 • 17:30
Timezone: Asia / Kolkata

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Asia / Kolkata

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Materials language: English

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This 120 minutes learning is scheduled for 10 July 2024 1730 - 1930 (GMT+5:30)

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More About This Session

We often see team members questioning each other on things we thought were common sense. Here's an example of perspectives of the team and their manager working on the same project. Does any of these resonate with you?

Each individual and team has their own perspective, personality and their own style of communicating. When we establish a basic set of guidelines for working together, we can remove costly misunderstanding.

These basic guidelines are not imposed on people. They are intentionally co-designed with the people who are using these guidelines themselves along with their teams.

Get Started Already with my article on Co-creating Team Agreements

4 Key Learning Intent Of This Session

  • Learn to co-create the Rules of Engagement with your team so that it establishes an acceptable way of working for your team

  • Bring our Meaningful Conversations using the "Team Agreement Canvas" so that you can tap into your own team's collective intelligence and co-create what matters most to the team

  • Visualise the Team's Working Agreement so that it builds trust and provokes difficult conversations sooner

  • Learn and Experience Co-creation first-hand so that you can build team co-ownership and bypass resistance

Is this session for you?

If you are someones who works within a team AND / OR

If you are someone forming a new team and want to co-design your team working agreement with active contribution from each team member AND / OR

If you are someone who is looking to unpack co-creation and see this in action with a team working agreement AND / OR

If you are someone who is looking to add co-creation and team working agreements to your toolkit AND / OR

If you are in any of these or related roles: Project / Program Manager, Scrum Master, Agile Coach, Department Lead, Tech Lead, Facilitation, Organisational Coach....

Then this session is for you 😊


  • Team working agreement: The What, Why and How
  • Co-creation: The What, Why and How
  • Create an actual Team working agreement
  • Visualising your Team working agreement
  • Tips from the trenches to co-create Team working agreements

At the end of the workshop you create an Action plan for yourself and your team that you could take and try with your teams the very next minute / day.

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Online session pre-requisites:

  • Good internet connection
  • Headset
  • Webcam
  • A quiet place
  • Audio + Video

A Client Testimonial from LinkedIn:

Eddie E Jauregui, Director of Data Strategy, Create Music Group

"I am thrilled to recommend Sarika Kharbanda for her outstanding workshop on co-creating working agreements. Sarika’s approach was not only strategic and well-organized but also infused with an enthusiasm that made the process both enjoyable and highly effective.

From the outset, Sarika was incredibly organized, ensuring that every aspect of the workshop was clear and that all participants were on the same page. Her responsiveness and ability to stay on top of communication contributed significantly to the seamless execution of the event.

The workshop itself was conducted in a friendly and engaging manner using Miro, making each session pleasant and something to look forward to. Sarika has a natural talent for creating an environment that is conducive to openness and creativity. I was happy to see the level to which people opened up during the sessions.

Moreover, her thought leadership shone through during our one-on-one debriefs. These sessions provided valuable insights and allowed for reflection and personalized feedback, which I found to be particularly beneficial.

The positive outcomes of her workshop were immediately evident. Our team's productivity, communication, and efficiency have markedly improved. The workshop's influence has extended beyond our immediate team. Since the workshop, participants have conducted their own versions of co-creating agreement workshops with other teams when alignment is needed. Truly remarkable!

I intentionally delayed writing this review to observe the long-term effects of Sarika's methodologies. It's clear now that her influence has been instrumental in fostering a culture of collaboration within our organization. Sarika’s work truly pays off in dividends, not only in enhancing team dynamics but also in inspiring individuals to carry forward the spirit of co-creation.

Sarika is a credit to the field of collaborative workshops and an asset to any team lucky enough to work with her."

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