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Licensed Management 3.0 Facilitators!

Management 3.0 Facilitators are independent professionals equipped with licenses to lead workshops using official material and certify participants in Management 3.0 practices. Their tier determines the range of Management 3.0 workshops they can conduct, drawing from their extensive experience as trainers and facilitators. Often boasting years of expertise, many facilitators also engage in facilitating other topics, blending their workshops into innovative and fun experiences.

Licensed Management 3.0 Facilitator

No matter where you live it shouldn’t be hard to find something that’s tailored to your needs and your location. Use our search to find who’s available near you and either sign up or contact the facilitator directly if you have specific questions.

If you’re interested in not only attending a workshop but in becoming a facilitator so that you can run your own events, find out what it takes to become a licensed Management 3.0 facilitator!

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